Venetian Aircraft

Venetian Aircraft


Venetian Aircraft: An eccentric trio that composes and performs a sonic assault of anthems for the next generation that's as eclectic as the members that comprise said band. We're not only bound by love and camaraderie but conviction and passion, as well.


"Operation: Colossus" the title of the initial album containing the songs that gave birth to us as a band. Working with engineer/producer, Don Zientara (Fugazi, Q and Not U, John Frusciante), on this record was so exhilirating and really quite refreshing. Knowing that he had worked on some of our favourite artists' records that had inspired the one that we were currently constructing was quite amazing and awe inspiring.

As much as we'd love the idea of being deemed mavericks of the next musical generation, the idea is actually futile. The paths have already been discovered and forged; our desire is to create the detour.


"Who Killed Our King?" (single) 2009 Polyfrost Records

"Operation: Colossus" LP, 2009 Polyfrost Records

Set List

Sample set list: 35-40 minutes.

1. Police Cop
2. Here Comes My Gun
3. Who Killed Our King?
4. Manna
5. Quail
6. Pissing Razorblades
7. Tidal Wave and the Colossus