Venice is Sinking

Venice is Sinking

 Athens, Georgia, USA

Venice is Sinking plays orchestral pop, Americana, slowcore, or space rock, depending on whom you ask. Founded in Athens, GA in 2003, this five-piece outfit eschews facile categorization. Its sound is familiar but hard to pin down, rooted in cinematic arrangements, subtle genre tweaks, and clear, ringing harmonies.


Venice is Sinking is an orchestral rock sextet out of Athens, Georgia, known for its vertical arrangements and cinematic focus. The band recently released its third album, Sand & Lines, to great acclaim. Sand & Lines, upon with Pitchfork and Paste bestowed a 7.2 and an 8.1, respectively, was recorded in the now-destroyed Georgia Theatre straight-to-tape and live with only two microphones in something of an homage to the Cowboy Junkies' classic The Trinity Session. Recorded by David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Sugar) with Andy Lemaster (Now It's Overhead, Bright Eyes), this album of single-take songs is dynamic, not exactly a live record (no audience, no clapping, no “sweetening”), but not a studio recording either. The songs themselves find the band expanding into territory twangier and poppier than any of its previous output. The band’s most open-hearted and vulnerable work, Sand & Lines is an experiment (if not exactly experimental), 10 songs recorded live with two mics, presented in the order of their recording, the document of the sound of a beautiful space that doesn’t exist anymore.

Sand & Lines followed a busy 2009, which saw the release of the band's acclaimed second album, AZAR and second EP, Okay. AZAR, recorded by ace engineer Scott Solter (Mountain Goats, Superchunk), found Venice is Sinking widening its palette and deepening its focus, tackling the idea of location's ability to influence our lives. Growing musically since the space rock of the band's debut, Sorry About the Flowers, the group shed the "dream pop" designation and explored new musical avenues. From the wide-eyed "Iron Range" to the David Lynch prom theme of "Wetlands Dancehall", from the heart wrenching "Young Master Sunshine" to the sardonic pop of "Okay" (also featured on the EP of the same name), AZAR was a dynamic work of beauty and ambition, the songs meticulous, vertical creations, tackling tiny, specific moments and exploding them outwards.

The band performed at the SXSW festival in both 2008 and 2009, as well as touring extensively behind all three of its full-length releases. Venice is Sinking has made appearances on Daytrotter and the dearly-departed WOXY and has consistently charted on the CMJ charts with each release. They have also seen airplay on Sirius and XM radio. The band's well-regarded 2006 debut, Sorry About the Flowers, saw release in China on the Tag Team Records label. For Sand & Lines, Venice is Sinking successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the production of the album as well as the restoration of the Georgia Theatre, destroyed by fire in 2009. All proceeds from Sand & Lines are being donated to its rebuilding.

Venice is Sinking is hard at work on new songs for Album #4, in between touring the Southeastern United States and beyond.

"...some of lushest, most beautifully orchestrated pop I've heard this year." - NPR

“...this Georgia chamber-pop band’s live document is their most well-crafted record yet....7.2” – Pitchfork

“a gorgeous meditation on a place that no longer exists.” – Paste

“Sand and Lines sounds as crisp and polished as any full studio effort, but gains immediacy from the live setting.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“...dream pop's loong awaited changing of the guard” – Magnet

“...the groups most consistent and rewarding work yet.” – Aquarium Drunkard

“’s like stumbling on an amazing soundcheck by a band that is focused and sounded great.” – Under The Radar

"...back with their sophomore album AZAR, they have outdone themselves in every way." - PopMatters

"Venice is Sinking has appeal that can transcend those who simply like slow music...sitting still during the playing of AZAR, while certainly acceptable, wouldn't do it proper justice. Four stars." - VenusZINE

"Venice is Sinking rivals the best ambient rock bands. The harmonies and orchestral feel of the tracks transcend their genre, making it not simply slow music, but experimental, uplifting, and fascinating." - Paste

The band recently premiered its video for "Ryan's Song" at Stereogum and their video for "Okay" at Paste Magazine.


Split EP with What we do is Secret - One Percent Press - 2005

Sorry About The Flowers - One Percent Press - 2006

Sorry About The Flowers - Tag Team Records (China)- 2008

AZAR - One Percent Press - 2009

Okay - One Percent Press - 2009

Sand & Lines - One Percent Press - 2010 (LP and CD)