Venice Maki

Venice Maki


“which way is out?” was co-produced, written, performed and arranged by Venice Maki. This solid first offering brings together the sensibilities of John Mayer, Dave Matthews, U2, Coldplay, Sting, Matthew Sweet, Train, and Seal in a unique voice that soothes, moves and grooves.


(Los Angeles, 2005) A new era, a new sound, a new artist arrives to reclaim the past and send it into the future. Venice Maki (pronounced MA-KEY) is a singer/songwriter who delivers stirring songs of love, loss and the human condition in a way that recalls the days of musicians who took chances and played real instruments.

Venice is a self taught guitarist and piano player who sings with the passion of his experiences. Born in Zaire and relocated to Bethesda Maryland when he was 5, Venice’s life was spent growing up as a diplomat’s son. His father was an embassy administrator. When he was 17 years old he had a life changing moment, a choice whether to follow the course of becoming a world-class soccer player or a life of music. He chose music.

He moved to Los Angeles to start the journey of learning the craft of songwriting. Playing countless shows and honing his skills. Venice recorded a self-produced and funded record in 1999, but it never got off the ground. So Venice buried himself in the art of songwriting for the next four years and came up with more than 40 songs of passions gone wrong, betrayal, love, and everyday life. 12 of those 40 songs appear on his new record which way is out?, the others are slated for later releases.

Venice Maki’s attraction to analog recording and live players over the digital front end recording process brings together the best of old school techniques with new world sophistication and efficiency. Giving the artist the ability to add richness to the music while capitalizing on the speed of modern technology.

Venice Maki is a new voice in the sea of music, posed to become more than just a mere vessel, but an island of purity, grace and a musical oasis.

Set List

Venice Maki Originals
1) Where I belong
2) Sweet Nothings
3) Tribulations
4) Wasted
5) Taking Time
6) Say Your Mine
7) Walk With Me
8) Bound To Crash
9) Better
10) Let Me Go
11) Lonely Lady
12) Comeback

Venice usually plays approximately 6 songs (30 min)