Venice Under Water

Venice Under Water


Indie/synth/disco. Venice Under Water comprises catchy melodies, funky rhythms, sick bass playing, elements of trance and a great image you won't forget. Imagine the polyrhythms of Foals mixed up with the chord progressions of Everything Everything and the melodies of the Hoosiers, and SEXY players


Venice Under Water formed in late 2010. Currently based in the north-east, VUW draws on the diverse range of popular music that inhabits Newcastle and the surrounding towns and cities. From catchy acoustic indie to electronic dance, VUW is influenced by Polarsets, Everything Everything, Foals and anything else that has a groove or something innovative about it!

Venice Under Water's unique sound and style is something that audiences do not forget. VUW came together at uni as classically trained musicians intent on using their musicianship in a new and profound way; incorporating three-part vocal harmonies, interesting chord progressions and unique melodies - whilst at the same time retaining catchy melodies and above all: music you can dance to!


Castaway EP

Set List

Venice Under Water setlist:

Lawson Terrace
How to Win Your Heart
Caspar's Timepiece
Tripping off the Catwalk
Neon Skies