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Venisha Monger


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Look At Me Now

Written By: Venisha Monger


Another road
I have to take
Oh, it's so hard to take my chances
Possible hurt
Possible cries
No you can't hide the circumstances

I've tried to think about
The way things might turn out
That I could pull through anything
I never knew just how
I'd let my guard come down
But something told me to believe

There's a voice
Deep inside
Every heart
Tellin' you to be strong and never give in
And that I believed
And look at me now
Look at me now
There's a voice

If you believe
In what you say
Nothing can stop you from advancin'
So don't think twice
Don't think that way
Cause every chance you get is not handed


chorus 2x

verse 3
There's a voice in my heart
And I know that's it's real
There's nothing in this world that could change up the way I feel
To belong
To be strong
Have the will to carry on
I found it all inside of me
Cause I know there's a voice

chorus 2x