Venison plays modern original progressive metal. We strive to create and art that appeals to both musicians and all music enthusiasts. We compose exciting songs with big choruses to hook in the listener and just when you think you get it you realize you don't. We always keep you guessing. Meat.


Venison is a progressive metal band formed by vocalist/guitarist JP Von Hitchburg in 2007. Starting out as a solo project for JP, the sound has strayed from its initial origins to be less Rock-oriented and more Metal-oriented. Drummer, James Decker, whom has played in various other projects with JP over the past 6 years, lends his syncopated odd metered drumming talents to keep the sound fresh and original. With Eloy Palacios on bass as the most recent addition, the band has defined its identity even further through his artistic contributions and virtuoso skills helping to complete the concept and hone in on the target. All three members of the band were students at Berklee College of Music in Boston though all did not start Playing together until early January 2009. Since having started working together Venison has certainly found its own come into its own existing in a world of bubblegum pop, watered-down rock and generic metal.

Influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Faith No More, Megadeth, Mastodon, Gojira, The Haunted, Opeth, and The Grateful Dead, Venison really has no boundaries as to where it can branch into to help make interesting and captivating songs with a killer live show.

Exciting, interesting, and smart have been words used to describe us from our fans. So be ready, there is a new beast on the loose!


Forever Hunted (EP) 2007
Bone Powder (EP) release date Winter 2010

Set List

1. Brain Stem 4.30
2. Meat. Bone. 4.00
3. Awake 4.20
4. Breaking You Heart 3.50
5. The Game 3.55
6. The Beast 6.10
7. Real 3.30

Our set is designed to be about 30 minutes with crowd conversation and tuning and misc. We stay away from covers.