Venomous2000 TheUltraEmcee

Venomous2000 TheUltraEmcee

 Passaic, New Jersey, USA
SoloHip Hop

My name is Venomous2000 and I am a Hip-Hop performing artist from Passaic, New Jersey. I've been performing and creating music for over 15 years. I've been blessed and fortunate enough to share tracks with emcees such as Inspectah Deck, The Artifacts, Smif-N-Wessun, and John Robinson. I've headlined my own international tours in countries ranging from France, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, and more. I consider myself to be an international Hip-Hop artist.


In his 9th full-length album, independent Hip-Hop artist Venomous2000 offers his most realized work yet - Will To Power - 15 songs about the power within everyone to achieve their highest potential in life no matter the circumstance.

Born and raised in the same city as NFL great Craig 'Ironhead' Heyward, music producer David Coles, and Hip-Hop producer K-Def, Passaic, New Jersey, Venomous2000 has been a force of positivity in the Hip-Hop culture for over 15 years.  Venomous2000 has drawn comparison's to emcees such as KRS-ONE, Talib Kweli, Yasin Bey, Common, Nas, Dead Prez, and Black Thought.  His metaphorical witty wordplay accompanied by a distinctive cadence will provide listeners with a nostalgia of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop music.  Drawing heavy influence of spirit from the Yoruba Ifa tradition, elements of the world view is noticeable in Venomous2000 songs along with the elements of the Hip-Hop culture.

Produced by various artists such as Robot Orchestra, Marshtini, Alex Kidone, Mentplus, Trilian, DJ Manipulator, Astronote, Sizemen, Rav P, Chopzilla, and The Soul Plugger, Will To Power's message lies in the grandiose production and rhythmic arrangements of songs like "Will Power" (The album's single), "Force of the Orisha", and "The Great Escape ft. Miss May" and in the simplicity of its most reflective songs - "Reflect On Music", "Fill I Cup", and "I'll See You When I Elevate".

Venomous2000 will be touring Europe extensively in summer 2016 (July/August).  He will be performing at traditional venues, bars, galleries, record shops, parks, and all creative spaces in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, & The Czech Republic. (Full bio: Venomous2000)


Album: Will To Power - Label 2016 (Independent)

Album: A Moment To Reflect 3- Label 2014 (Pragmatic Theory)

Album: Still Connected 2012- Label 2011 (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)

Album: A Moment To Reflect II - 2011- (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)
Album: Fresh Amazingly - 2011- Label (Manikinekopro)
Album: Universally Connected - 2009 - Label (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)
Album: A Moment To Reflect - 2006 - Label (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)

Current Singles:
Warrior Ways

Will Power

The Great Escape


Set List

Venomous2000 has 40 min sets ranging from 10-13 songs with live performances. Show sets are live, fast paced, and participatory(audience).