Blending the elements of modern day metal with hardcore techno dance beats, and Industrial influences, We are here to send a positive message and change the shitty world we live in today..


A band biography usually referred to as a "bio" is a group of words that attempt to put a group of musicians and their collaborations into simpler terms that describe them and their performances and creations. So, what words could ever describe Ventana? A culmination of efforts from Rick Thomas of Mushroomhead on programming and keyboards, Matt Foran- vocals, Dan Fox-Drums. Kyle Kotarski-studio Guitar, and John Sustar studio Bass guitar. Co-produced by Steve Felton of Mushroomhead, their collaborations contain the influences and professionalism to be expected from such affiliations. {Spanish for window}, VentanA represents a time where we see not only the past, but also a slight reflection of our future in the dusty bloodstained glass. Our efforts exist for no other reason than to bring back the type of music that we love with the tones and frequencies of the music that we are inspired by today; the music of violence, the music of honesty, the music of brutal sincerity that allowed us to follow our hearts into the Whirlpool that is "the industry". We have been waiting in the shadows to release what we consider to be a demon that reflects a demon within us all. We behold the window into our own souls and this primal sound being channeled through us. Our fans have kept the fires burning beneath our streets for so long that we have overcome adversity and continue to put our efforts into a sound that we feel represents what we want and what our fans demand. Villainous undertones and murderous inclinations resound throughout our compositions. The lives of alienation and degradation that have brought us here shall now lead us. So, what words describe our project and us? The voice belongs to the machinery of hate that drives us. To understand Ventana is to experience the direct connection we are establishing between our nature and the world we have come to reject. As for words to describe the beat of the dying sounds, Just listen...


An American Survival Guide: Volume 1

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