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"Chris Cornell Unveils Iffy New Stuff"

"Venus Infers, on the other hand, was a small revelation. 'Everybody gonna talk, everybody gonna stare … but I don't care,' frontman Davis Fetter sang early on, and he meant it – not flippantly, just with the sort of confidence that comes from knowing you've really got something sharp to offer. With the room virtually at capacity, Fetter strolled to the microphone as the house lights dimmed, keeping the crowd waiting while he took his time to ensure equipment for this auspicious coming-out was set just right. Then he fearlessly led the quartet into 50 minutes of hearty, rousing music that in almost every regard was a cut above what passes for modern or indie rock these days. What Venus Infers has that others lack is passion, the sort you find from the Killers and Coldplay, but gratefully conveyed with much less polish. "
- Ben Wener, OC Register - OC Register

"Peter Murphy at HOB Anaheim"

"I entered just in time to hear the last three or four songs from opening act Venus Infers. Normally one is inclined to berate and lambaste the opening act, but after hearing their upbeat, infectious, sharp-driving brand of power pop, I couldn’t help but think these 20-somethings from Orange County are going to be seeing some success in the not-so-distant future. I hate to brand or otherwise label young bands, but if forced at gunpoint to encapsulate, I would say they’re one part the Strokes (when they were considered possibly the next great band), one part The Cramps sans fishnets and theatrics, one part classic bar band rock appeal and energy of the Faces and one part of the better upbeat catchy pop song that KROQ occasionally strikes gold with. Digging a bit deeper, I learned they also opened up for Chris Cornell - not too shabby to be a talented young band learning some stage craft from Cornell and now Murphy. I just can’t help but think that Venus Infers is going to have at least one or two songs at a minimum that will start getting some regular airplay before the day is done. If there is room for the Kings of Leon, there is room for Venus Infers."
- Scott Cahill, -

"Venus Infes CD Release Show This Thursday"

"OC quartet Venus Infers may be the best band ever to pun on a Velvet Underground song title. The music’s uniformly smart and tart, dreamy and creamy, sparky and not at all snarky. Fetter delivers intense passion, requisite brashness and adequate range, if not any quality that distinguishes him from hundreds of other young, white rock singers currently spraying saliva on mics. Musically, Venus Infers predominantly tailor their songs to reach the folks in the nosebleed seats at hockey arenas—where they will one day open for the Strokes and/or Kings of Leon. Don't bet against Venus Infers succeeding."
- David Segal, OC Weekly - OC WEEKLY

"Sound Downtown"

"Venus Infers got the ball rolling early in the festival playing at Memphis Restaurant in downtown Santa Ana. Onlookers from the street meandered into Memphis as Venus Infers did its sound check and by the time the band was playing its third or fourth song, the venue was filling up with festival-goers swaying to the rhythm. It was the depth of vibrato over edgy Brit-rock guitar riffs that first perked up ears from outside Memphis. The quirky and independent style of the garage-rock quartet invokes a curiosity that’s been gaining a lot of attention lately for Venus Infers."
- Skyler Blair, Daily Titan - CSUF Daily Titan

"Check Out Venus Infers"

"I expect great things from Venus Infers. This release just knocks it out of the park. Singer and guitarist and Riverside native Davis Fetter has a voice perfect for indie rock. There are touches of U2-style guitars and a hint of Arcade Fire that make this a really fun CD. Plus, the band wins for best artwork. Hard copies of the CD include a really cool hand canvas pouch cover."
- Vanessa Franko, The Press Enterprise - The Press Enterprise

"Venus Infers CD Release Show"

"Once upon a time, Huntington Beach's Venus Infers left a nice comment on our MySpace. A comment so nice we asked them to play one of our little shows last year. That show seems like light years away now that they're suddenly perking up the ears of industry kids everywhere with a new lineup, a new sound, and a new EP that they celebrated the release of last night [09.27.07] at a very packed Detroit Bar. Venus Infers of new is just a thing of beauty. Lush, golden chimes of guitars envelope big rock choruses that not only make us forget Venus Infers of old but also any of the obvious comparisons to other bands there might be. And truth be told, when you hear the hooks on "London's Raining" - which is as anthemic and memorable as anything coming out of the UK right now."
- LosAnjealous Blog - LosAnjealous


Venus Infers has released 2 records:
1. Venus Infers...(the white album) 09.07 - features "London's Raining" as heard on LA's KROQ 106.7FM

2. The Truth About Venus Infers 11.08 - features "Some Things Are Better The Way They're Remembered" as heard on LA's KROQ 106.7FM

Venus Infers has also released 2 B-Sides to "Some Things Are Better The Way They're Remembered" including "Anti-American Blues" and a cover of "Helter Skelter".



"Venus Infers have single-handedly taken all the things that you love about music and executed a sound that is so natural, so precisely its own flavor of rock genius, I am completely smitten. They move you the way bands like Coldplay, Radiohead, and The Killers do, with a grasp on what connects people and the common thread that bonds how we feel and the choices we make. All this and they make it seem effortless. With a buzz louder than a summertime beehive it is no surprise that you cant seem to have a indie music conversation that doesnt spotlight this revolutionary band. Passionate and aloof in their execution of each an every song, rock and roll has a new catalyst. One who is unafraid and will soon be deeply embedded into rock and roll history."
- Kristin Anderson,

Venus Infers comes from Orange County, but it is not an Orange County band. Our influences range from The Velvet Underground ("Venus In Furs" sound familiar?), The Stones, Beatles, and Kinks to modern groups like The Strokes, Kings of Leon, and Arctic Monkeys. All this while avoiding the sound of so many tired-late-night-pick-your-decade-to-tribute indie rock bands. Venus Infers plays Rock N Roll the way it was designed: passionate, expressive, and honest.

Music from both records has been heard on consistent rotation on LA's KROQ 106.7FM, San Diego's 94/9 FM, and London's XFM. The band has also had placements on MTV shows The City, The Hills, The Real World, FX's Damages, and various other programs around the world and independent movies. Venus Infers has headlined California venues The House of Blues, The Glasshouse, The Viper Room, The Troubadour, Detroit Bar, The Roxy, The Echo, and more. The band has toured through Texas with Peter Murphy, up the west coast with the B-52s, opened for Chris Cornell, opened for Blondie, and played in New York City.