Venus International

Venus International


“The very best of Moloko, Feist, Air and Nouvelle Vague in one single band. ” (Mirror)

A man with a vision: In 2006 German producer, composer and DJ ALFA KAY had the idea to start a project featuring the female voices he liked the most.The initial intention was to pay a musical homage to womanhood and to the female voice. Working together with female singers from nearly all over the world, Alfa created a very personal musical cooperation.


Today VENUS INTERNATIONAL is a very vital, productive and growing team currently consisting of 19 (!) amazing singers from Germany, Canada, Poland, France, Switzerland, England, Turkey, Spain, England, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Russia, Serbia and Denmark.
One of the many unique things about VENUS INTERNATIONAL is their distinct sound, combining electronic, jazz, soul and pop to a very grooving, deeply emotional and soundtrack-ish blend full of grace and sophistication.

During live performances, Venus International has 5 to 10 Venuses on stage - each one of them a brilliant lead singer - alternately accompanied by the others.

The success of the body of recorded works is truly enhanced by the live performance of Venus International.




Yanina Bilyk (Ukraine/Canada)
Bernadette Noir (France)
Christine Lunaire (USA)
Crystin (Germany)
Duygu Cingar (Turkey)
Hanna (Germany)
Iris Aneas (Spain)
Jacqueline Bieze (Netherlands)
Janea (Germany)
Karo (Germany)
Lalah (USA)
LaMeduza (Switzerland)
Ludmilla (Poland)
Niki Carrera (Italy)
Tonje Terese (Denmark)
Yanina Bilyk (Ukraine)