Venus Mission

Venus Mission


Fiona meets Kate meets Regina...simmering piano driven adult rock.


"Love Me Back Alive" was mastered in Nashville by multiple Grammy winner Richard Dodd. Dodd has been the engineer and/or producer of choice for artists such as Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, Wilco, John Hiatt, Green Day and Roy Orbison.

The album was recorded "live" at Ultrasuede Studio, Cincinnati, with John Curley engineering (f/o The Afghan Whigs) and Ric Hordinski producing and playing guitar with a crack team of studio musicians. Rosenthal also worked with notable spoken word artists Abiyah and Swift (4-Track Allstars) to provide a more varied soundscape.

Hordinski has produced for such notables as Phil Keaggy, David Wilcox and grammy award nominee Zak Morgan. Throughout the 1990's, Hordinksi was the guitarist for the critically acclaimed band Over the Rhine (IRS, Virgin).

Venus Mission was nominated for three 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer Cammy Awards, and was listed in the alternative press as having one of the top local releases of 2005 and 2002. Venus Mission has opened for international acts such as British folk-rock legends Lindisfarne and has headlined at National Public Radio's annual conference.

They headline the premier venues for original music in the Cincinnati area and surrounding region and lend their name to many high-profile fundraisers. Venus Mission has also been pleased to showcase at Cincinnati's very own Midpoint Music Festival for five years running.

Venus Mission's debut CD, "Midwestern Soul," was released in 2002 and quickly garnered critical acclaim as well as extensive AAA radio airplay in the Cincinnati region. The album's eleven tracks were also engineered and produced by Ric Hordinski.


I Want You

Written By: Andrea Rosenthal--additional lyrics by Abiyah

I forgot to bring my rubies
I forgot to bring my silver
I forgot to bring my
hemmed in restlessness
I forgot to bring my horses
I forgot to bring my handmaidens
I forgot to bring my
silk gowns and pretty things

And now I'm reeling
And now I'm falling
A mystic calling
To be realizing

I want you
When tears are not enough
To quench the thirst of first love
I want you
When my bliss has never been
Kissed by the heavens above
I want you
When the long-gones become
Too strong to sing my song
I want you
To bless me breathless when my
Essence grows restless
I want you
In the absence of your presence

I forgot to bring all my fury
I forgot to bring all my shame
I forgot to bring my aimless misery
I forgot to be everthing
they wanted
I forgot to shine everything I am
I forgot to listen to the quiet
voice of knowing

And now I'm reeling....(as before)

I want you....(as before)

I want you thirsty when the
hunger pangs won't go away
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways

I know how I love your honor
and your chivalry
I know how I love that you fulfill
my destiny
I know how I love your voice and
words that ring so true
inside of me
How I need you to see that
I want you to want me too

I want you...(as before)

High Road

Written By: music: Ric Hordinski Andrea Rosenthal Lyrics: Andrea Rosnethal

Something like a revolution
Hovers on a new horizon
Every time you take a breath
with me
Watering the seed of yearning
I can feel the wind is turning
Never knew a storm to blow in
from that way

High road, worn with disaster
Low road, muddy, torn and wet
I can't drive this any faster
And I'm missing all the turns
I keep missing all the turns

Did you think that I was just a girl
Who could be trifled with?
Climb into my room and beg me
to steal away
Bringer of the wanderlust
Keeper of my map of trust
I can feel your hand upon the wheel

Choruses: as before

Better Not to Know

Written By: Adnrea Rosenthal

My breath hangs on the window
My feet are frozen through
Perched in this 4-wheel hideout
I'm keeping watch for you

I saw you in that coffeeshop
you know
With that same girl again
If I weren't a betting woman
I would dare to tip my hand

Your heart is filled with another
I lie awake and talk to the radio
Your heart is filled with another

Better to know, better not to know
Is she your sister, mother, lover
friend or wife?
Better to know, better not to know
Why is love so very hard
to keep alive?

Answer these 20 questions
The magazine will tell
If your man is faithful
If a love is well

I don't need to run the tally
'Cause I can just follow you
Watch as you cross the alley
And take her back steps by twos

Your heart is filled with another
You lie and say
Our love's gonna make it through

Better to know, better not to know
All the duties of a loyal wife
Better to know, better not to know
Every little thing I've done
To make you go

prechorus: as before

chorus: as before


"Love Me Back Alive"
"Midwestern Soul"

Set List

Girls of Virtue
Better Not to Know
High Road
Long Shot for Sure
I Want You
Too Bad
Everybody in this Town
Lover, Love Me Back Alive
Good Enough