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In my opinion Purefoy is Washington's best kept secret. Check out their latest CD, its terrific. - Hutch Magazine

This album is superb [and] definitely worth getting, if nothing else to show that there is still hope for music in America. VEO has a huge potential to make phenomenal music as he gets bigger and can muster more resources. I have to commend him for an excellent, very indie album.

- The Conjecturer

In any given live photo of vendetta Red, one or more band members are usually jumping. The Seattle fivesome takes a similar gymnastic approach to its squalling anthemic pop. The compactly arranged workouts on the group's major-label debut vault gracefully from supple verses to sky-hooking choruses, with corkscrew-maned Zach Davidson leaping between a coo and a cougar's rasp. The stadium-size vocals on the apocalyptic punk-rock chantey "Shatterday" ("Mayday! We're going down!") give shape to the band's ambitions. Thanks in no small part to Jerry Finn's bulletproof production, Between the Never and the Now is a sweet, collar-grabbing listen throughout. - Rolling Stone

Like your perfectly broken-in pair of jeans and your perfectly broken-in boyfriend, Sirens Sister just wants to make you feel loved and lovely. But with music. Four rocking dudes from the land of 90’s grunge and Frasier, Seattle’s latest rock ingénue, Sirens Sister, crank their amps “to make beautiful and romantic music for everyone to fall in love to.” Sounds well intentioned and simple enough, no? Their debut, Echoes from the Ocean Floor, possesses the equivalent of puppy dog eyes and John Cusack—stereo overhead (a la Say Anything)—to seduce anyone with an ounce of romance in their hearts. I suppose a sense of hearing doesn’t hurt as well.

Lead singer, Zach Davidson, defies the notion that a successful song needs “and lot of negativity and clever one-liners.” The man just wants to write poetry and turn it into music. Claiming influences like U2, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Duran Duran, and Ryan Adams to name a few, Sirens Sister have managed to siphon scores of classic and modern rock into what I can most closely describe as heart-rock (hard-rock?). Not love-rock. Not romance-rock. Why? Because while one just sounds stupid and the other is a clever alliteration but still sounds kind of dumb, the truth is that in a post-emo era there’s just no room for sap. Echoes recognizes this (unfortunate?) fact the only way a rock album can: by being really poetically candid disguised with instrumental skill in catchy yet borderline hard-rock lyrics and rhythm.

Yes it is quite a conundrum, but I digress. One cannot simply pigeonhole Sirens Sister because frankly one just won’t really want to. The point that they wish to stress is that what they are just trying to say is I love you. Formed just late last year, they’ve already got major cred around the Pacific Northwest in the indie circuit. Boasting a raucous live performance and with the support of MySpace (and the entire world being on it pretty much), the band was able to amass a sizeable fan base by the time they were ready to record their first album. As for the name, the boys give a nod to Greek mythology, namely Odysseus, which they thought fitting with the context of their music. Plus, “Sister” was taken by another band. And “Siren” is a Peter Gabriel cover band. I guess with band names, as with love, c’est la vie.

- Sound The Sirens


Imaginary Maps - Imaginary Maps (2003)

[received radio play on KEXP ( and KNDD (]

Imaginary Maps - Avion (2004)

Purefoy - Another Hollow Victory

[received radio play on KEXP ( and The Fevered Brain Radio Network (]

VEO - Avion (2008/TBD)

VEO - Mer Noire (2008/TBD)



VEO is a songwriter/producer from the Seattle area who writes accessible yet thought-provoking Alternative music suggesting comparisons to a wide variety of artists including Radiohead, Coldplay, The Killers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Cure, Tears For Fears, and others. He has released five full-length albums under a variety of project titles, most notably Imaginary Maps and Purefoy.

VEO's latest records are Mer Noire and Avion, both of which feature vocals by Zach Davidson of Vendetta Red (Epic Records) and Siren's Sister (The Control Group). Zach Davidson is one the Northwest's most charismatic and notable frontmen, and can be frequently seen burning up the stage at popular Northwest venues with his current project Siren's Sister. A veteran of countless tours including five sojourns to Europe and appearances on the Vans Warped Tour, Zach Davidson's Bronze selling band Vendetta Red ( was a darling of the Alternative press and a favorite with Emo kids everywhere.

Other notable guest appearances on VEO's Avion include the Northwest's own Total Experience Gospel Choir ( and Benjamin Verdoes of Seattle's In Praise Of Folly (

VEO's music has been in hailed in reviews as hailed in reviews as "superb," "very solid," "extremely unique," "dense, dark and beautiful," and "lush.". He is the recipient of numerous awards, is endorsed by Knucklehead Guitar Strings, and recently had his music featured in the SXSW selection and Ebert/Roper "Video Pick of The Week," "A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar" (