Veonne Howell

Veonne Howell

 Collinsville, Mississippi, USA

I am a songwriter who is looking for professional connections and/or collaborators to help me get my songs noticed by professionals in the music industry. I would love for someone to pitch my music to country, contemporary Christian, or adult contemporary artists! I write my own music and lyrics.


I have been constantly writing over the years, and keep adding songs to my repertoire. My influences are varied, from Faith Hill and Martina McBride to Avalon, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Bonnie Rait and Celine Dion. I love great lyrics. To me, the lyrics really make the song. What sets my songs apart from others is their simplicity. They can be used in any genre with a little tweaking. The lyrics and melodies are simple, with heartfelt sentiment throughout.


Hannah's Prayer

Written By: Veonne Howell

Hannah was a woman of God.
She prayed to Him daily:
"Oh Lord, if You hear me,
Please send me a baby.
I'll make sure that he loves you,
as time will soon tell.
He'll tend to your temple
and drink from Your well."

Time went by and God answered
with a tender reply.
He gave Samuel to Hannah
with a tear in His eye. . .
and she sang

God of my deliverance, be lifted high!
There's no other like You!
You are my rock, sweet Adonai.
There's no other like You.

Hannah knew He'd answer
deep down inside,
and later on that same year
a new baby arrived.
She made good on her promise,
taking Samuel to the temple to live
for she knew
God would give
way more than she did.

Time went by and God answered
with a tender reply
He gave more children to Hannah
with tears in His eyes.
(Repeat chorus and fade.)

Your Love

Written By: Veonne Howell

Once I had no dream to dream,
I had no destiny
Then your light came glistening
Deep down in my soul.

Your love brought me to my knees,
turned my gaze around.
Your love found the good in me
when good could not be found.
There was no good around.

Once I had no song to sing,
I had no melody.
Then your love christened me
just like burning coal.
(Repeat Chorus)

Once I had nowhere to go.
I was so alone,
like a child lost in the snow,
but finally now I am home.
(Repeat chorus and fade.)

Sunlight in Your Eyes

Written By: Veonne Howell

Falling into a vacuum
of silence without time,
shaken by distorted view,
no matter how I try.

But when it seems there's nothing I can do
to take away the hurt inside,
somehow the truth comes shining through,
like the sunlight in your eyes.

Scared of letting go again,
of being left alone,
jilted by a blist'ring wind
that chilled my very soul
(Repeat chorus)

But I will give my heart away again
and make a sacrifice,
even though I may not always win,
I'll never win if I don't try. . .
(Repeat Chorus and fade.)
alling into a vacuum

Take Some Time

Written By: Veonne Howell

Take Some Time

Written by: Veonne Howell

Take some time to remember
When you first fell in love,
When the ashes were still embers
And the embers were flames.

Take some dreams for tomorrow.
Keep them close to your heart.
Take some laughter for your sorrow.
Find a new place to start.

Take some time to forgive me
for all my foolish ways.
You might see more clearly
As you turn another page.
Take some fire for the winter.
Keep it for the rainy days.
Don't forget to remember:
It's yours always.

Take some love for the highway
As you wind around the bend.
Keep it in a safe place,
'Til you come home again.

Take some time listen.
Take some time to feel.
Take some time to understand. . .
This love is real.
(Repeat Chorus and fade.)

Make It Right

Written By: Veonne Howell

I'm sorting through the wreckage
Of a shipwrecked vessel,
Hoping far beyond
What I can see and hear.

With each tattered piece
That I remove,
Emotions play havoc with my mind.

Still each new piece
That apears in the rubble
Gives me the will to survive,
To stay alive.

How many waves have washed away the sand?
How many days have gone by?
Is someone travelling to this barren land
Toward this debris to make it right?
Please. . . make it right.

I'm hungry and confused
With no knowledge of tomorrow.
I'm dreaming desperate dreams
In spite of my fear.
With each passing day
I'm growing more restless.
Ooh for so long I've been waiting here.

But the wind is moving in the right direction
And I believe that help is on its way. . .
It's on the way.
(Repeat Chorus and fade.)

The Other Nine

Written By: Veonne Howell

When You found me I was hopeless, helpless,
Sick and dying with no peace or rest.
Then you healed me, made it all okay,
but like a selfish fool I ran away.

I am one of the other nine!
I took your blessing, and then I cried,
"All of this is mine; it's all mine."
("Where are the other nine?")

I never took the time to thank You,
So many things I thought I had to do.
Please forgive me, Lord,
For being such a fool!
(Repeat chorus and fade.)


Written By: Veonne Howell

A couple passed by my window last night.
Their silhouettes laughed and played
Beneath the lamplight.
They looked so happy together.
They looked so in love. . .

Silhouettes parading by
Like horses on a carousel.
Wanna hang my head and cry,
But I won't give up on love.

If I felt that way before
I can feel that way again
I'm just waiting for
the courage to begin.
(Repeat chorus.)

Soon I'll be walkin'
Down the street
Like I stepped
Out of a dream
For someone
Else to meet. . .
(Repeat chorus and end.)

Leaves in the Autumn

Written By: Veonne Howell

How can I show you
Like I've never done before
How much I love you?
No one could love you more.

Your love's like
Leaves in the autumn,
Flowers in spring,
Fire in winter,
Moonlight on a summer's eve
To me.

How can I tell you
Like I've never done before
How much I need you?
No one could need you more.

(Repeat Chorus)

You stood beside me
When I was afraid,
Had your love to guide me,
So glad you stayed
With me.
(Repeat chorus and fade.)

Tears in a Bottle (Noelle's Song)

Written By: Veonne Howell

I don't know who you are.
I don't know where you come from.
But I know you are there.

And I know that you hold
My tears in a bottle.

I don't know why you love me.
I don't know why you care,
But I know that you hear me.
(Repeat chorus.)

Every drop
That has fallen
Down my face--
You have held it
So close
To your heart
While I sleep.
(Repeat chorus and end.)

All the Angels

Written By: Veonne Howell

Surround her
with all of the angels you can spare
Wrap Your arms around her.
Let her know You're there.
I need all the angels You can spare.

I can't be with my little girl
every minute of the day.
She's in her fairytale world
and I feel so far away. . .

(Repeat Chorus)

When I was a little girl
my mother prayed for me
in my fairytale world
when she was out of reach. . .
(Repeat Chorus)

I didn't know how great
Your love was for me,
but now I see. . .
now I see. . .
(Repeat chorus and end.)


"Hannah's Prayer" has had some local airplay on WOKK here in Meridian, MS. It has personal significance to me because I wrote it about a week after I had my first daughter. I had two miscarriages prior to her birth, so I was extrememly overwhelmed with gratitude when I brought a beautiful, healthy baby girl home.
"Your Love" is a song I wrote for my husband and sang at our wedding. It also has personal significance to me.
"Sunlight in Your Eyes" has an adult contemporary feel, and placed in the top five of the International Song of the Year contest. Hanna's Prayer also received an honorable mention award in a recent Song of the Year contest. (

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My songwriting list is varied. I write for a variety of genres. My favorite genres are country, contemporary Christian, and adult contemporary.