V.E.R.A Clique

V.E.R.A Clique

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Real Hip-Hop with similarities to A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Dilated Peoples. Our shows are always live and full of energy.


The V.E.R.A. Clique, also known as 'V.C.', 'The CLIQUE' or 'The Very Essence Of Real Artists,' began formation in 1996 in Bend, Oregon. Anderson Ray and Macsen Apollo met while MC'n for open mic night. Commence freestyle sessions.

Three years later, the two split ways geographically but maintained musical contact while honing their skills in their respective new locations. Anderson began making a name for himself as 'The Answer' on Portland, Oregon's battle circuit. Macsen perfected his craft with his friend from Bend, Dan Craig (Cubase Dan), whom he was living with in the Bay Area of California.

Naturally gifted at droppin' beats, Dan agreed to Macs idea of investing in a home studio setup. Frequent traveling, serious skill and an even more serious business hustle all filled in the blanks. Loadin' speakers ever since with heavy oral ammunition, is 'V.E.R.A. Clique' and their independent label, 'VERAUCRACY INK'.

To date they have done over two hundred shows in California and Oregon. They've appeared on collaborations, compilations and worked with fellow up-and-comings as well as name-dropper artists. They've released two albums, "Very Essence of Real Artist" (2004) and "Fresh Out The Box" (2008) along with their first video single, "Fresh Out The Box" (2007). But "this is more than music. This is a movement." They're love and respect of rap hip hop, the arts...the scene... their fans....their community¬Ö.it's undeniable. So go feed your ears 'cuz this is that V.E.R.A. Clique movement - ya'll get to it!"

For Booking info contact Macsen Apollo at veraclique@gmail.com or call 510-830-8156 For Street Teaming contact Macsen Apollo, or DoubleKendeavor@gmail.com or myspace.com/doubleKendeavor

Check out http://www. myspace.com/veraclique for more info!


V.E.R.A Clique - self titled (Very Essence of Real Artists), 2004

V.E.R.A Clique - Fresh Out the Box, 2008

Set List

Setlist Varies Greatly

30min - one hour length is typical

Library of over 100 original tracks to Perform