Vera Ellen

Vera Ellen


We play accessible, intellectualized rock music, and would be equally at home playing with The Mars Volta or Don Caballero. Our polished live show showcases sounds that many bands are unable to reproduce in a live environment.


Formed by four restless music students in the summer of 2005, Vera Ellen set out to write unconventional yet accessible music that would satisfy the musically inclined as well as the pop-sensible. Tired of being inundated with variations on an unremarkable theme, the group was convinced that the demand for such music was alive and well.

After six months of diligent rehearsal and writing, they began playing in their hometown of Carbondale, IL as well as immediately playing out of town, seeking to expose as many people as possible to their craft.
The group prides itself on its 100% collaborative writing and arranging process, often having finely tuned arrangements long before entering the studio. Their diverse influences have them alternately evoking the breakneck meter changes of The Mars Volta, the loud guitar-driven rock of The Smashing Pumpkins, and the restraint of a well-trained jazz combo.


S/T EP - 2006, three tracks are available as streaming audio fom

Forthcoming full length studio album - "on borrowed time" to be released Summer, 2007.

Set List

Our typical set list is 50 minutes and includes the following songs:

Hooray For You!
King Without Crown
It's About Time
A Brief Lie
All The Air
On Borrowed Time
The Procession of Ms. Anderson