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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Stars & Sinners"

Not many American musicians rock my socks off, but when I stumbled upon Vera Mesmer today on myspace, I immediately downloaded their first EP off of iTunes. Vera Mesmer classifies themselves as Rock/Pop/Alternative, but they definately have a more rock alternative edge - with a definate radio sound. They remind me of a band I’ve heard before - probably because of Vera’s extensive prior work in the rock industry - with a resume full of many popular mainstream rock bands - including Green Day, STP, Blink182, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mud, and 30 Seconds to Mars to name a few.

With looks which cross between Johnny Depp and a bit of Ville Valo (frontman of HIM), combined with turn of the century clothing - modern meets romanticism.

Now for the music - Vera Mesmer isn’t on a label yet - but managed to release 5 extremely moving songs. Each one has it’s own feel and vibe - and although the EP is short in length Vera Meser makes their mark quite well.

You can check them out at or at their myspace at

And if you like their music, download their songs on iTunes or go buy the CD!

~ Sibyl - Sibyl


Vera Mesmer, a band that also comes out of the Boston area, has become a recent favorite of mine since I learned of them about a year and a half ago and having had the chance to see them play last summer. I cannot say enough good things about this band, they are that good. In a struggling industry where copy-cat bands are all fighting for recognition, then hoping for fair treatment, here you have a band that is so different, and so pleasing; I will have a very hard time believing it if this band does not break out and become very well-loved.

My initial plan regarding this show had been to see The Dreaming; at one point however, I realized that Vera Mesmer had been recruited as an opener at their Boston show a few weeks earlier. I almost convinced myself to drive up for that show, but I just couldn't fit the 6-plus hour drive from Philly to Boston into my schedule. The surprise was all mine, however, as a week later I learned that Vera Mesmer would also be opening at the Philly show. The news pretty much made my week.

Talented, stylish musicians, the Vera Mesmer band have an elegant look about them, and an equally elegant sound. Rock, blues, maybe a little bit of an alternative vibe, it's all in there, and all performed with such a presence, Vera Mesmer's sets are not simply "concerts". They're entertainment in the true sense of the word, influenced by their appearance and the atmosphere that's immediately created when the band takes the stage. You feel as though you're at some 20's speakeasy watching the weekend entertainment as Vera sings and plays at his piano, the band backing him in these swooning, swinging, slightly dark-feeling rock tunes. You're waiting for the barkeep to slide one down toward you, while turned toward the stage to watch, a lone voice under the spotlight, at the mic, carrying through the entire room. It's easy to be transported halfway between then and now witnessing one of Vera's sets, but beyond the look, beyond the live atmosphere, their performance is strong and just about flawless. They are professional and practiced, and definitely belong on a bigger stage. Though the set was short - only six songs - there was so much delivered in those six songs, it confirmed in me that this really is an artist that is worth every penny spent on them. - Lynn Malpass


The Gypsy Magician EP



It was early autumn, much earlier than you’d suspect with that premature chill. The canopies still clinging to the golden and flamed while the streets below bustle with bundled pedestrians. Vera was making his way from one end of the cobblestone square to the other. Wandering the corridors of the great city simply ravenous. Each alley held promise and each window adventure but still at the end of each hall Vera met disappointment. This hypnotist needed something more fulfilling than just adventure. He needed magic. Ducking into the illuminated doorway at 3 Rue Magique he peers through the keyhole with what can only be described as pure marvel. Paused in the calamity of the port and looking to the ominous heavens he says to himself...

"This could be a most wonderful evening..."

Vera Mesmer has spent the first part of his musical career playing guitar for Elektra Records recording artist Reveille. Vera has toured with and worked with many of the worlds top artists including: Green Day, Sevendust, Howard Benson, Godsmack, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Rob Zombie, Kid Rock, Blink182, Buckcherry, Alice In Chains, POD, 30 Seconds To Mars, Global Artist Management, Static X, Tenacious D, Hoobastank, Coal Chamber, Henry Rollins, Andrew WK, Puddle Of Mudd, Dashboard Confessions, Tommy Lee, Days Of The New, Kittie, Brad Kane (the voice of Aladdin) as well as many other talented musicians and artists.