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A Hip Hop Group From Canton, MI. VeRb Always Stays True & Original. VeRb Writes/Raps About The Things Around Them, The Things They See, About Love, Hate, and Also About The Ups & Downs of Life. No Matter What Happens With VeRb & Music, Good or Bad, They Will Never Give Up. VeRb Is "Unstoppable"


You don’t need to look in streets of New York City, or in California’s Compton and Long Beach. You don’t even need to go down south to St Louis or Atlanta. All you have to do is take 275 to the Ford Road exit, go east and you will be welcomed to Canton, Michigan, Home to the industries most finest and best, VeRb.

VeRb is a hip-hop group that consists of two members, Mario Villanueva a.k.a. TexT and Matthew Trevarthen a.k.a. X-It. The two met in 1996 on the bus ride home from Lowell middle school, only to find they both shared the same love and interest for music. Then, in 1999 for the middle school talent show, they performed the song “Woof, Woof” by the 69 Boyz. After the enthusiastic response they received from all their peers plus the indescribable high of being on stage, Mario & Matt knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives.

For the first three years of high school all they did was write and create music. Writing lyrics was never a problem for this duo, yet when it came to beats they had to resort to any resource they had available. Most of the early recordings were rapped over mainstream beats. They used these beats to figure out how long the song should be, how long the verse should be, how long the chorus should be and in essence, how to make a professional song. Even though the mainstream beats were working, these two were always striving for originality. So given their limited resources their first demo was made with simple keyboard beats and a karaoke machine, showing the drive and dedication of this tandem.

2002 - 2003, not just senior year of high school but the graduation for VeRb on to bigger and better things. This was the year where Mario became TexT and Matt became X-It and the two collectively took the name VeRb. This was the year they jumped into the scene with their debut E.P. consisting of four original tracks. This was also the year they built a recording studio in the basement, the L.!.P., where they could further there original and creative unique brand of hip-hop. Also adding to the list of accomplishments, they did numerous talent shows and charity events to give back to the community. Looking back on all the accomplishments they felt they had made in just one year, they knew they had to end it with a BANG, VeRbatim, the first L.P. produced in the L.!.P. by VeRb. This went on to sell numerous copies and was a big hit in the local high schools.

High School ended… reality struck. After their success in the local high school, VeRb realized this hip-hop thing was bigger then they ever imagined. Everybody’s sister, uncle, mother, father, and brother wanted to rap, so once again VeRb harnessed their skills. They learned how to make their own beats and how to record in the studio more professionally. They would practice hours on end to create the perfect stage show and to leave you, the audience, wanting more.

November 2004 VeRb was finally ready to show the whole world their talent. Using their business know-how they were finally able to book their own shows. Weather it was a showcase night at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, a opener for another local artist PARADIME, or a local radio station sponsored event at the Bullfrog in Redford. VeRb continues to win the crowd, building their fan base, and always moving on to bigger and better venues.

Along the road VeRb sent 111 Entertainment a demo. Seeing the potential in this hop-hop duo, 111 Entertainment took VeRb under their wing, teaching them how to be more business savvy. VeRb now records professionally knowing how to use equipment like the MPC 3000 and 4000, the Triton Xtreme, Motif Rack, Proteus 2000, and the Nord Lead.

VeRb is in the process of recording their Debut Independent Label release, which will be entitled, VeRb Entertainment. They are always striving to be the best they can possibly be. Always finding new and creative ways to make their music different from the next persons hip-hop. Originality is what you could call their music, VeRb Music.

They do not expect overnight success. They understand that this is a business and that it takes time to build. But, you will always find VeRb in your local club or bar performing. They will continue to be in the studio writing lyrics and recording. They will always be doing hip-hop.

VeRb… It’s what they do.


VeRb - EP, 2002

VeRb - VeRbatim - LP, 2003

VeRb - Songs In The Key of V - LP, 2004

(All CD' s Above Were Recorded At L.!.P. Records. These CD's Were Sold At The Local High Schools)

Set List

VeRb's Typical Set List Can Range Anywhere From 15 Minutes to An Hour.

A Few Of The Songs We Perform Are:

"Think It's So Easy"

"All Ya'll"

"Holla At Me"

"VeRb (GAME)"

"Lean Back"

"Want Me"

"Drop Out"

**VeRb Does Not Perform Cover Songs**