Verbal Trigga

Verbal Trigga

BandHip Hop

My music is based on my life experiences


Born and raised in the Mecca of music Washington Heights
(uptown Manhattan) New York. I was surrounded by diverse
Culture of people from Dominican, Puerto Rican, & Cubans just
To name a few. Where most of the music I listened to was r&b
& rap (r&b when my parents were around) BUT I LOVED RAP
music. My old time favorite were Roxanne Roxanne . So I had something I enjoyed and music was it. By the age of sixteen, I
started trying to compose my own rhymes. It took me some time
before I could fully write and record a song. Whenever people saw
me I had a pen & pad writing hooks& lines for songs.

I started to embrace the Hip –Hop culture full fledge. I got to a point
Where family members didn’t understand the culture and wanted to tell
Me what to do. Writing songs became therapeutic and emotions were released for me. Eventually, I started talking to people and telling them
What I wanted to do. I went to several studio’s and nothing ever happened with them but I went out to south Jamaica Queens & recorded with BLB Productions I was able to get some positive feed back (thanks Daivd) I continued my journey with BLB until I moved
To Washington D.C. area. In continuing my dream. I worked with several producers in Baltimore MD. (R Lamont Carlton) and In
Washington DC (Whoop).

Being a song writer is not my only goal I want to achieve in the music industry. I also plan to own a label/distribution company.


The Premiere(EP)