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Versatile in every sense of the word i've seen and lived through alot which is the reason why my subject matter is limitless. Whether it be a song meant for partying, for the ladies,or covering political issues I give the lyrical consistency an artist needs for longevity in the music business


My music embodies everything that is America. I talk about the ups (which is the only thing it seems like most rappers talk about) and the downs that we all go through. The hunger and drive for a better position in life no matter where u are. Taking risks in life, like when i drove all the way to new york from cleveland with no liscence to do a show at the X bar to open for fat joe. One of the few influences i had was tupac so i never hold my tongue when covering political issues that effect everyday life. Never a stranger to competition I started off as a battle rapper battling other rappers on the streets of cleveland which is where my name derived from (Verbatim) meaning word 4 word because word for word no one in a battle could compare, and I take that same attitude in the rap game with me putting pride and effort into every word of every verse.


Dookie, All on my tip (feat. lil wayne/ radio play ), Love or Lust, GO, E-WAY,

Set List

crime pays, all on my tip, fire, E-way, summer nights(summers of course), stop and stare, love or lust, like we used to, chase the paper, cappin, Go, Imagine that. these are the typical songs I choose from but it depends on the location of the show which ones from these I choose