verbatim truth worship project

verbatim truth worship project


"verbatim truth worship project" blends multiple styles with energetic virtuosity into an empowering experience resulting in lasting benefits to the listener with an "ear for the truth", as well as for the music. The catalyst being the lyrics, which are extracted verbatim from the Word of God.


Until 2005, we played current praise and worship music in church settings, as well as "normal" covers for corporate event, and still can, but the immediate and lasting benefits of infusing the written Scripture into already exciting music, thereby obeying what God's Word says to do, have now given way to over 70 diverse and intense compositions which are still adaptable to either accoustic or "plugged in" persentation


"Songs by the Book, for People of The Book" contains 10 tracks, on sale and

Set List

For private events anything is possible, sets being 60-90 minuets w/minimal breaks, but each event is custom.
For public Christian events sets are up to two hours depending on the involvement. The most incredible events occur as people, perhaps with Bibles open (or via Powerpoint) join with us in song straight from the Word.