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London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Alternative Hip Hop


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Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Before I discovered that Gil Scott-Heron had made a late pullout of this year's Greenbelt line-up I stepped unprepared into the Performance Café and witnessed what was, for me, not only the outstanding set of the weekend but a performance of such stunning verbal dexterity that it resembled where Gil might have been today...” – Tony Cummings, at Greenbelt 2010

His debut album Teacherr, Teacherr: The Learnt Lessons combines his unique blend of poetry and contemporary rap with an eclectic soundscape whose landmarks begin in London, but bear west into the alternative eeriness of Bristol trip-hop and still further, across the pond, into the lilting jazz rap of the US east coast and beyond.

As a former school teacher, [verb]swish (born Richard Smartt Jr.) is influenced by exposure to both the class room and, moreover, his take on the lessons it cannot teach.

If you would avoid error, avoid the big subjects the academics said.

So in characteristic contrarian fashion [verb]swish debuts with exactly the opposite, delivering a daring treatment of the obstacles that face the typical twenty something from love, anonymity and direction to escape, belief and dreams, in what festival journalist, Tony Cummings described as a “breathtaking display of verbal dexterity... [verb]swish’ rap/poetry hybrid is a dazzling array of memorable images”

Be sure to pick a genre and corner it they bellowed.

“Poetry is a continuum, so I continue writing with that in mind” responds [verb]swish – “I’m all about the emotion of the moment; yes there are genres, but I figure when I’m writing lyrics, the mood is quite specific and so I want what fits [musically].”

Be careful not to be too clever the modern poets droned,

But it was too late, the hip-hop obsessed soul was already at work scribbling flurries of punch lines, amongst them refrains such as: “Write to the world as if it was mirror-less, and reflection on your words helped it to see just a little bit” and yet Teach-err, Teach-err is not the admonishment of one who wants to teach others necessarily, rather of one who doesn’t want to forget the lessons himself. The notes-to-self format of each track is often humorous, sometimes melancholy, sometimes intense, but at just under an hour, ever mindful of Plato’s observation: “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation”.

Teacherr, Teacherr is out November 12th 2010