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"The Revelry Of Vercity"

"Vercity is a dynamic rock trio celebrating the release of their intense and intricate alternative rock album simply entitled, "Vercity". Their distinctive progressive sound has resonated through the streets of Toronto for the past six years and this climax is just the first of many to come. Inspired by early nineties alternative and current progressive sounds, Vercity will capture your imagination and release your bodily fluids. "
- An independant music rock reviewer
- Suzanne Motzer

"Featured Artists on MySpace"

The week of October 6, 2008

Total Plays just over 5,000

Avg daily visits after feature: 100-115

sounds like bragging, but it 'aint, i swear! ;)

- NA


Upcoming Releases:
January 2011: "What D'Ya Know" Recorded at Metal Works

Single Releases
"The Urgency Of Tragedy" Produced by Lucas J. (Released December 2009)

THE VERCITY EP (Release Date: December 2008)
(Self Produced)
1. Sleepless
2. Jetfighter
3. How We Flow
4. Astronaut Song

-- IndieLove Radio Airplay of "Sleepless"
-- 105.5 B-Side Caledon Airplay of "Sleepless"

Winter 2005 - Vercity - (Produced by Brian Moncarz and Vercity at WhirlWind Sound, Toronto)

1. Sertraline's Limozine
2. Hanging On
3. Sleepless
4. From Me

Winter 2004 - melt before morning (live off the floor) (self produced)

1. From me
2. Sleepless
3. Hanging on

Winter 2003 - Blueroom vision (self produced)
1. The effects of Gasoline on Fire
2. Post-Card Image
3. Trace
4. Equal Underground
5. Sertraline's Limozine
6. Struggle



The Vercity tidal wave surged out on its’ own in 2005, and has been stirring up pulsating and electrifying progressive grunge sounds ever since.

Fusing current hard-rock influences such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Matthew Good, Finger Eleven, Chevelle and Alexisonfire with undertones of essential bands like , I Mother Earth, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains, Vercity has created a unique sound that feels addictive and chillingly intense.

Jason Craig represents the band with his driving riffs and chord progressions and profound lyrics, which erupt from his vocal chords and resonate in your brain.

Nar strikes and smashes his drum kit with mesmerizing energy - taking Vercity tunes to a whole new level.

Mike Berengut’s bass rhythms are the unwavering anchor below Vercity’s distinctive progressive sound.

Vercity will captivate your eardrums with their progressive grunge.