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Verctile is the young legend, songwriter, choreographer, dancer extroidenaire, performer, unsigned. With a excellant complete album(ready to go), and a maxi single "Get Blowed" in stores now... Completely independant!! Worked with many platinium artist (See Website) and he rocks a show...


Ver-C-Tile enfluences are (James Brown, Micheal Jackson, The Jacksons, The Ojays, The Isleys, EWF,
Moments,Stylistics,Dramatics). Ver-C-Tile is set apart because he's a good singer, dance's better than the best, his show is so good you'll say man ,I haven't seen anything like that in along time... The
Bomb!! Ver-C-Tile is a solo R & B artist!!


Return Of The West(Compulation CD)Flat Broke Ent.; Damu Riders(Lead Vocals-How Deep Is Your Hood)Dangerous Rec.; Shandozia CD(writer credit-Pink Pannies,Damm U & Crazy, also choreographed,
both Shandozia as artist and video-Baby I like and
sang on all backgrounds)Quest/Warner Bros.;
Vintage Entertainment(Co-Produced w/Big Swoop-
Ver-C-Tile "I'm A Hustler" album and the "Get Blowed" maxi single(In Stores Now), tracks are "Get Blowed"-"It's Goin Down"-"Let's Talk About
Sex" and the entire album,maxi single & performance is written, arranged, background and performed by Ver-C-Tile,,,! Tracks are slammin...!

Set List

4 to 6 songs (12-24 Min. Set) ; Intro(30 sec.), Get Blowed(4.5min.), Let's Talk About Sex(4.5min.), It's Goin Down(4.5min.) and dance(2-6minutes) out...!

4 Different Shows/Sets
Get Blowed...min.12 max. 24 minutes
I'm A Hustler...min. 10 max. 24 minutes
Lets Talk About Sex... min. 12 max 25 minutes
Out The Getto... min. 10 max. 22 minutes
Covers: Womans Fed Up(R.Kelly), Close The Door(Teddy P), Down Home Blues(ZZ Hill), My Perogitive(B. Brown), I've Been A Fool For You(Miles J), Turn Off The Lights(Teddy P), Outro dance...!