Verdict is a hard rock band with a sound that rivals acts such as Killswitch Engage and Stone Sour and stage show that is energetic and exciting!


Verdict came together in mid 2006 and have the internet to thank for their friendship. They all met over a musicians classified website and since then have written enough songs for a full length album which is out now. Verdict have played shows with acts such as Sevendust, Pop Evil, and Drowning Pool. Verdict is currently being managed by Damon Moreno of iLA, whom has secured big national act shows, endorsements and record deals. Verdict is hard working and has a strong dependable work ethic that will satisfy anyone who works with them.


Hold 'em High Verdict LP

Set List

Round Two
Period of Consequence
So Alone
Another Way
State of Mind
Murder it
A Curse
Our Brothers Fight
12 oz.

We have a 25,30,40 and hour sets already written, if the time is different from above changes can be made.