New York City, New York, USA

"This is neither hardcore, punk or metal, but some strange hybrid monster with a little bit of all three...a very solid debut" - Ken Wood, Metal Reviews


An Italian immigrant with a southern accent, a circus acrobat from Hungary, and a Phillipino cowboy. This is not the latest reality show from Fox, but a contagiously heavy band from Brooklyn called Verismo. Formed in 2003, the "thrash rock" trio features Stephan Laboccetta on Guitar, Vincent Cruz on bass, and Tamas Vajda on drums. A completely unique blend of personal tastes form a brand of heavy music with influences ranging from punk, rock, and metal, to classical, and world music. Regardless of what tangent Verismo explore in their romps, the beats are tight, the bass is thick, the guitars are monstrous, and the vocals are powerful.

Trained musicians with a knack for odd time signatures and dark, sarcastic lyricism, Verismo paint a unique portrait of their environment, the "City of Kings" across the water from the glamour of Manhattan. Recorded in one continuous take at Brooklyn's Atomic Studios under the close watch of Dean Baltulonis (Sick of it All, Hold Steady) and mixed masterfully and creatively by Bob Strakele, this is a testament to just how powerful, raw, and intimate a heavy record can sound without overdubs or studio trickery. Verismo, translating to "realism" in Italian, and their debut "City of Kings" offer a rare glimpse of an amazing band in the first phase of a promising career.

Forget bed-head haircuts, eye shadow, and skinny jeans. Forget the whiny Clash-wannabe bands dominating the airwaves, and dig into 'City of Kings,' the debut album from a rip-roaring, headbanging, alcohol-fueled "thrash fuckin' metal" band from Brooklyn, VERISMO. Already competing with the majors, this record has independently charted on the FMQB top 50, and has been in regular rotation in many local and distant stations, including a spot in the top ten of WSOU for weeks by this point. All three members are no slouches on their instruments, either, as Laboccetta received his degree music at Radford University, ex- Ringling Brothers performer/acrobat Vajda received a diploma from the Drummers Collective, and Cruz was trained at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. As a result, Verismo is a band that fans of vintage thrash and hard rock are guarnateed to


Bad Day

Written By: Verismo

I had a bad day, worse than usual
it left a bad taste in my mouth
I've done some bad things, cruel and unusual
punishment goes both ways

now, I'm in this shit for myself

I had a bad day, worse than usual
let a deal die in my hands
like a birthday turned to a funeral
death of a salesman, death of a man

The Lorax

Written By: Verismo

The Lorax

I am the lorax I speak for the trees
I tried to speak softly, to whisper the breeze
But nobody listened, they did as they pleased
no one will care until no one can breathe

Fry the planet, flood the cities,
unleash the locust, rampant deseases

Ungrateful, you've had your time
All that I've given you've wasted
Your hateful deceptive kind
that which you've made you will taste it

this is one mess that can't be undone


For The Record

Written By: Verismo

For the Record

Truth is overrated
Give me lies and let me sleep
Purified, sedated, disconnected entity
Things get complicated
No one wants a wild card in their hands
Go on, take it, believe what you don't understand

For the record, I'm not there all the time

Suicide is dangerous, you could end up a vegetable
Wake up and face this, it's only natural
Who am I to say this? knee deep in all of it
and so shameless, don't lock that door



"City of Kings" - debut album now available

Set List

Playing song of the album "City Of Kings"....Bad Day, The Last Word, For The Record, The Lorax....
Also there are some new tunes that kick ass!