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"Modern Rockers Primed for Breakout Year"

One listen to Monsters, 5 Black Skulls or Daniel-san vs. Kobrakai and you'll realize Veritas has all the elements in place to become major players in the modern rock scene. Veritas starts off with riff driven modern rocks songs and then throws in elements of electronica and industrial rock. The end result is an original sound that is attracting a lot of attention.

The band kicks of a string of performances set for the next few months with a show tonight at Universal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood. Characterized by their high energy and dramatic theatrical sense Veritas is gaining a reputation for putting on must see live shows. The bands natural charisma shown through on their recent interview with epiTUNES. You can also catch them on this week's LA/OC Best of the Week epiCAST podcast. -

"Street Voice Music Magazine October Review"

VERITAS – Promo: When I came across Veritas on My Space they visually came across as an interesting band to check out. On hearing their music I was even more impressed as they've taken influences such as David Bowie, Faith No More, Muse and The Pixies creating a Synth Pop/Rock sound that needs to be heard. There's six tracks on this promo are tight and certainly worthy of being heard. It's ridiculous a band of this quality should still be posting out promos. What they should be posting out are copies of their debut album and if a label is reading this review then you'd do yourselves a favour by signing this band. They've got a great image and more importantly their music kicks ass! 8.5/10 -

"Veritas - Viper Room - West Hollywood, CA Show Review"

Material: Veritas have a strong command of their booming sound, which incorporates pop-rock, alternative and a dash of punk peppered with elements of electronic experimentation. Songs like their stunning opener, "Pretty", as well as "Diggin' the Darkness" and "5 Black Skulls" infiltrate the room with "wall of sound" choruses and insanely poppy hooks. Vocal chores are split between Jamie Rose and Will Moore, who playfully bounce the proverbial ball back and forth with their angelic harmonization. "Convulsions of a Teenage Drama Queen" engages with a haunting intro that melds into dance-infused new wave territory as their audience sways from side to side. "Monsters" is a great finale with bouncy electro synths and a chorus that lets loose a collective crescendo of sound.

Musicianship: Moore's edgy pop voice juxtaposed with Rose's sultry keyboard tinkering guide the other from song to song. Thai Dao's bass riffs are undeniably his own and are accentuated by a creative tap style showcasing their punk edge. Chanel Summers is a very expressive, energetic drummer who lays a tight foundation while the sounds travel through genres. Andrea Jasek has a raspy crunch to her guitar wailing; it's there where the rock shines. Throughout the night, each player delights crowds by taking turns mounting a mondo bass drum, followed by a little cowbell action with some shakers thrown in for effect. Veritas' incorporation of instruments is delightfully against the grain.

Performance: The visual magnetism of Veritas couldn't be denied. They mesmerized their crowds with creative onstage antics while decked out in their cute punk-rock duds. They playfully changed places, zig-zagging across the stage, skillfully making great use of the meager space provided. Occasionally the group mixed it up and performed back to back, while endless flash bulbs ignited the dark space. Moore was an amazing frontman full of effortless energy and organic rock charisma; he knew how to effectively hold a mic and stand on his monitor, all while feverishly plucking away on his guitar; an impressive feat. It was as if performing was merely second nature to each member. Each had an approach all his own with instinctual command of the instrument.

Summary: Veritas are gifted with a strong stage presence and solid rock tunes that border in the land of experimentation. They are all strong musicians to boot who can hold their own and approach any stage with confidence and verve. They keep things interesting visually and audibly, and by the first notes of the first song could successfully work up a crowd. With their performance chops in order, any room or audience would receive them well.

-Cat Veit - Music Connection

"Veritas Will Be Back"

Out of Seattle, indie pop band Veritas strafes the continental 48 in search of fame, gain and somebody to support their next tour promoting an upcoming album release. “60 shows in 52 days.” frontman Will Moore proudly boasts to me. Between in store performances, and evening doubles, this hard working group has jam packed their tour, which stopped in Wichita Wednesday for yet another one of those double (an in store performance at Hot Topic east, and a set at Rock Island Live). The band is currently on a return trip from their debut performance at the infamous indie music festival CMJ in New York, New York (second only to SXSW in competitiveness and glory).

A truly independent band, Veritas members found each other in a Los Angeles Craigslist listing in 2007 and since have had the pleasure of playing with such famous acts as Triple Cobra and VAST. Moore is also anticipating the band’s homecoming gig where they will share the stage with Smile Empty Soul.

What’s hot about this band? The backbone of Veritas is three highly energetic females, Andrea Jasek (guitar), Jamie Rose (frontwoman, synths & egg shaker), and Chanel Summers (Drums). What’s hotter is the fact that everybody has a vocal mic. The vocal interplay is well thought and evenly spread across the members of the group. Veritas puts on an excellent live show. With a style that hails to indie pop and prog rock heroes alike, I found myself at a sort of sonic buffet, enjoying bits of Mindless Self Indulgence and pieces of Muse, among other familiar elements. The songwriting is solid, making these elements identifiable, but the character of each player and the overall style of ensemble keeps the music unique to Veritas.

Veritas stopped by Wichita to perform for family friends and to try out the market (this was their first time here). Will says he looks forward to a return to Wichita in the spring. - Jared Brickman, Naked City Wichita

"Veritas joins VAST at Studio Seven"

The members of Seattle rock band Veritas met on, but they have the good-natured rapport of five musicians who’ve been friends for years.

“We all chose each other. Any of us could have walked,” singer-guitarist Will Moore said at an informal band meeting this week at the Paragon on Queen Anne.

“It’s like a good marriage, with give and take,” drummer Chanel Summers added.

Moore started the band in Los Angeles with a whimsical posting on Craigslist: “Seeking a bassist that sucks.” Bassist Thai “Thaiphoon” Dao responded, and the two hit it off. Other Craigslist ads helped create the five-member band whose powerful, melodic rock seems destined for success.

The group blends many styles: alt-rock, synth-pop, electronica and hard rock. “Everyone has something to throw in,” Moore said. Check out footage of the band on YouTube.

The group has the honor of performing with VAST, as well as the Crying Spell, Endless Hallway and Calbrea at 7 p.m. Monday at Studio Seven. Tickets are $13 in advance, $15 at the door.

Veritas, which means “truth” in Latin, recently finished its debut album, “White Lies & Pretty Poisons,” featuring such powerful, guitar-heavy-songs as “Running Till Our Legs Burn,” “Cocktail Girl” and “Monsters.”

Collaborating with the band was Len Hotrum, lead singer of Point One and the Crying Spell. Together, they created an album that reflects the diverse tastes of individual band members while keeping its focus on soaring, crowd-pleasing rock ‘n’ roll. Hotrum served as arranger and producer, and Kelly Grey (Queensryche, 3 Doors Down) handled the engineering.

Offering additional production help was Jules Hodgson of KMFDM fame. Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorto did the mastering at The Lodge.

“I just wanted to make a damn good album,” Moore, who grew up a military brat in Okinawa, said of the group’s debut CD. “It’s your baby. It’s your statement. So you don’t want to set the bar too low.”

The band’s strong work ethic means lengthy, disciplined practice sessions and vigorous self-promotion. Fiery drummer Summers said she got her drive from her parents, who pushed her as a child to work hard in school and take on additional study. Before joining the band, she worked as a developer of the Xbox game system.

An upcoming West Coast hop includes a dream gig: a June 9 show at the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood. “We always wanted to go and do that place right,” Moore said.

In addition to Moore, Summers and Dao, the band includes singer and keyboardist Jamie Rose and guitarist Andrea Jasek.

“We have the same goals,” Dao said. “We love each other.” - Gene Stout (ex Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

"Ready to Make Some Serious Noise in the Modern Rock World"

A little national exposure is likely all that is needed to turn Veritas into a major player in the modern rock scene. Characterized by their high energy and dramatic theatrical sense the band, Thaipoon on bass, Jaime Rose on keyboards, Jason Sensation on drums, and The Will on lead vocals and guitars, is rapidly gaining a reputation for putting on must see live shows.

The bands natural charisma was clearly evident on their recent interview with epiTUNES. Musically the band mixes riff driven modern rock with elements of electronica and industrial rock to form a sound that makes you stand up and pay attention. Catch them tonight at Zen Sushi along with Trulio Disgracias. - epiTUNES

"FFR Welcomes Veritas to the family!"

I’d like to welcome the Southern California band Veritas to our family. Veritas mashes hard rock with synth pop for a sound that is gutsy, catchy and delightfully odd.

Their song is called 5 Black Skulls. It carries a sweet synth sound throughout, and some very Metal-ish lyrics. Mad props, as always, to our evil stepfile genius jimerax for busting this out in record time for me. You can play 5 Black Skulls in Rock, upper left hand corner of Page 1. The file is very doubles heavy with a smattering of 16th trill streams to the drums. I’d rate it a high 8.

Enjoy, and again, check out Veritas on myspace or epitunes. - Flash Flash Revoloution


White Lies and Pretty Poisons (debut LP) - independent release scheduled for Summer 2010
Produced & Engineered by Len Hotrum (Point One, The Crying Spell)
Engineered by Kelly Gray (Three Doors Down, Candlebox)
Mixed by Jules Hodgson (KMFDM)



Adopting their name from the Latin word for "truth," alternative rock band Veritas presents a world seen through their kaleidoscope of imagination that is so roiling and mysterious it's easy to forget it's our world.

The band formed in 2007, quickly developing a quirky rock sound that juxtaposes pleasantly twisted lyrics about sexy serial killers, nightmare hallucinations, plastic surgery and other unexpected topics with catchy melodies.

Veritas began touring in 2009, hitting the West Coast 4 times and concluding with a national tour built around their showcase at New York’s CMJ Festival.

The band also completed their forthcoming debut album, recorded at historic Avast Studios by producer Len Hotrum (Point One, The Crying Spell) and legendary engineer Kelly Gray (Queensryche, Candlebox), and mixed by Jules Hodgson of KMFDM fame.

In the words of Music Connection Magazine:

"Veritas have a strong command of their booming sound, which incorporates pop-rock, alternative and a dash of punk peppered with elements of electronic experimentation. Songs like their stunning opener 'Pretty,' as well as 'Diggin the Darkness' and '5 Black Skulls' infiltrate the room with wall of sound choruses and insanely poppy hooks."