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"Verna Beware"

"Made up of former members of the Donner Party, nu-psychedelics Verna Beware combine bluesy vocals, trippy arrangements, and driving bass lines" - The Independent 7/24/2008 - The Independent (Santa barbara)

"Verna Beware 2"

before the release of our EP...

"If Verna Beware's blues-ridden psychedlia sounds familiar, there's a reason. It all started at San Marcos High School, where founding members Kyran Million, Taliesin Cook, and Bret Noel began jamming with the social circles of the school's music program, going on to form The Donner Party in 2007. Since graduation, the three core members have retired The Donner Party and gone through a series of different projects that have formed into their current gig. After trying different combinations of members under former names like Run Rabbit Run, the five members of Verna Beware have finally found a formula that works. As a result, every aspect of Verna Beware's sound is tighter and more experienced than its predecessors, from Million's lyrical ability to Cook's experimental guitar work. Recently, the band have been focusing their energy on the forthcoming release of their three-song EP, which they have been promoting by hitting as many local venues as humanly possible. They've also got their sights set on the Los Angeles circuit, which they hope to break into by booking bars, clubs, and any other place that will open their doors to them. Even after all the effort to push their music, the five students will find time for their studies at UCLA and Santa Barbara City College. Well, sometimes - building a sturdy fan base takes priority. If their enthusiasm for the present is any indicator of the future, good things certainly lie ahead for this young band. Visit for more dates" -Levi Michaels, The Independent, 9-18-2008
- The Independent (again)


EP Debut: By the end of 09!

Recorded Songs:

2009 EP

1. Jacob's Ladder
2. Portugal and Galaecia
3. The Killer
4. Tango is the Name of my Six Shooter
5. Hour of the Wolf

2008 EP

1. Then Came the Fever - Radio play on KJEE 92.9
2. Adaptdiction
3. Three Days Until Sunrise



The life giving properties that the suns rays contain is something we imitate ourselves, whether by smiling at someone or telling a joke, or singing a song. It is a human need when you feel something inside to express it outwardly. And that life giving substance the sun shines out is a lot like our own creative actions. The sun is telling us that if you repeat an action every day (like learning something, playing something or making something), the object of your efforts will grow and grow. Your ability to express yourself or to give to the world around you will grow with your persistence in doing whatever that thing is you do. And even though the sun appears to go up and down, having its process of apparently rising up, peaking, going down, and then hiding, science has taught us that this only appears this way to our point of view and it is circling around, and shining at full strength always. Likewise our own ups and downs just appear as they do to us. In actuality we are thriving all the time. Everything we do is directed towards shining our form of light. We couldn’t do it if we were just peaking all the time, just as life as we know it would end if the sun always stayed at what appears to us as its highest point of strength. A person could never exceed at something if they just did it once in a while, it’s a hint and half that the thing we owe our existence to repeats its rounds every day. Persistence is an incredibly potent thing. We are lucky that life isn’t like dreams, in which the result of our actions is lost by the next dream. Here we have the ability to build a thing from day to day, whether it is skill at something or an actual edifice. Whether in the physical world or in our minds, this principle stands. We read one page of a book, and upon reading the next page its events appear to us as following the last one. In music, one note leads to the next, the new one heard in relationship to the ones, which preceded it. Or we learn the basics of something and then gradually learn that subjects complexities. These gifts are ours to do whatever we want with.

Instead of a long boring typical rock band biography, I will tell you that you will not find a live performance comparable. Listen to the myspace, watch the youtube videos then see them live.. no order recommended. Do it.