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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band EDM Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"From our digital submissions: Vernous plays Paperbox on 8.10"

Elana Belle Carroll isn't one to mince words. Not that she doesn't have plenty to say, just don't expect her to hold your hand during the conversation. Equal parts music writer, film music composer and perfomer, Carroll describes her latest project Vernous as 'electrolash.' For this group, she takes her no nonsense approach to a rattlesnake hybrid of pounding dance beats and bone-chilling lyrics.

'We are Children' for instance, begins and ends it's 6 minute chant with haunting foreboding ('Don't wait... listen...'), fellow artist Melanie Snyder whispers into the song. But it's not all venom. At other moments, Vernous lets loose. Three song EP 'Vernous I' ends with the more playful 'DTF,' a song with a wild progression of beachside guitars and 808 snare hits. Not for the faint of heart, Vernous will wrap itself around you and like with any exciting woman you've ever met, you'll thank her for the time you two spent together.

Put her groove under your feet when Vernous plays new Bushwick Venue The Paper Box on August 10. - Deli Magazine NYC

"Indie Battalion Vol 12"

Desde México, el sello Rock Juvenil nos trae otro lanzamiento. Se trata de la nueva edición de Vernous, pseudónimo utilizado por Elana Belle Carroll, compositora que recorre una amalgama de géneros bastante amplia, todos englobados en la electrónica bailable, con toques industriales, noise y música ambiental. Este es su primer release en este label.
Les dejamos su página de Souncloud para que escuchen un poco de que se trata.

From Mexico, the label Rock Youth brings us another release. This is the new edition of Vernous , pseudonym used by Elana Belle Carroll, songwriter who travels a fairly broad mix of genres, all encompassed in the electronic dance, with industrial touches, noise and ambient music. This is his first release on this label.
We leave your page Souncloud to hear a little concerned. - Indie Battalion Vol 12

"Entrevista con Vernous y canción exclusiva (Interview with Vernous and exclusive song)"

Vernous, parece ser, es uno de esos proyectos unipersonales liderado por una Elana Belle Carroll. A través de una disquera mexicana, Rockjuvenil, que cada día parece mejorar la escena musical en el país, empieza a promover su nuevo EP, el bien titulado Venous, 01. Directo desde Nueva York, platicamos con la talentosa intérprete, compositora y arreglista. Abajo, el disco mentado, accesible también por su Bandcamp o en la ya inefable Juno.

AP: Parece que Nueva York regresa al medio musical como una de las escenas locales más interesantes en el mundo. ¿Cómo te lo explicas?

Hay muchos tipos de personas en Nueva York y todos compartimos esta suerte de sensación eléctrica y emocionante. Es algo sensorial: hay mucho que ver, oler, ver, escuchar. Todo eso agrega a tus intereses, emociones… es como estar en una fiesta de manera constante.

Además, Nueva York es una ciudad atractiva por el mismo hecho de su mito. La gente tiene una idea del lugar tal, que el propio lugar responde.

AP: ¿Cómo es que se gestó Venous, 01?

Algunas de las cosas que están ahí llevan años en el tintero. Otras se fueron armando poco a poco; suelo tomarme mi tiempo. De principio a fin, cada una de las piezas me ha de tomar cerca de un mes, con todo y sus arreglos. Depende de los instrumentos que tenga a la mano, del equipo… y de la inspiración, claro.

AP: Una pregunta abstracta, con esa intención: si pudieras definir tus intenciones en el largo plazo, ¿cuáles serían? ¿De dónde el interés por lo musical?

Siempre me ha interesado escribir música. Recientemente, descubrí también un interés por el diseño de sonido y el aspecto más formal de la composición. De ahí que mis intenciones a largo plazo sean seguir haciendo música, para escuchar, para tocar, para bailar, para alguna película. Seguir explorando y aprendiendo.

AP: Algunas influencias, para llamarle la atención a nuestros lectores. Tu disco favorito del momento.

Oni Ayhun y Joanna Newsom son mis influencias más grandes, aunque no creo que se escuchen mucho en Vernous. La cuestión en vivo que llevo a cabo en realidad es un poco más alocada. Creo que se parece un poco a lo de Ladytron, Yahct o Crystal Castles. Y si me preguntan de mi disco favorito… Silent Shout de The Knife lleva mucho tiempo siéndolo. También las cosas de Micachu. Me obsesionan los beats.

AP: ¿Textura, melodía o ritmo?

En partes iguales. A veces la melodía te lleva al ritmo, y viceversa. Como Vernous es música pop, la melodía es fácil de localizar. Como es música electrónica, ahí están el ritmo y las texturas.

Vernous , it seems, is one of those projects led by a single person Elana Belle Carroll . Through a Mexican label, Rockjuvenil , which every day seems to improve the music scene in the country, began to promote their new EP, aptly titled Venous, 01. Direct from New York, talked with the talented performer, composer and arranger. Below, the disc mented, also accessible by Bandcamp or the ineffable and Juno.

AP: It seems that New York returns to the music media as one of the most interesting local scenes in the world. How do you explain that?

There are many types of people in New York and we all share this sort of electric and exciting feeling. It's sensory much to see, smell, see and hear. All this adds to your interests, emotions ... it's like being at a party on an ongoing basis.

In addition, New York is an attractive city by the very fact of his myth. People have an idea of ??the place such that the spot answers.

AP: How is that developed Venous, 01 ?

Some of the things that are there have for years been in the pipeline. Others were putting together little by little ground to take my time. From start to finish, each piece has to take me about a month, with all its arrangements. It depends on the tools you have on hand, equipment ... and inspiration, of course.

AP: An abstract question with this in mind: if you could define your intentions in the long run, what would? W - Afterpop Magazine

"Vernous blasts-off at Brooklyn Fire Proof"

Last weekend I bounced over to Brooklyn Fire Proof for a drink and happened upon Vernous, an electronic band from Brooklyn, who impressed me with their unapologetic performance. The dance-thrash duo featured loud, growling drums and female lead singer who pumped out beats between urgent strings of vocals. Falling somewhere near to the electro-noise vibes of Crystal Castles and embodying hints of the kooky, cultish performance quality of someone like Yacht, Vernous is off to a great start in Brooklyn. They perform (exclusively) with visual effects guru Grey Matter, who stood out on his own for beautiful video installation that made the perfect backdrop for the night.

Compared to the intense, industrial sounds coming from the stage at Fireproof, their 3-song ep, Vernous, is a surprisingly mellow listen on bandcamp. Smooth, surging rhythms pave the way for a nostalgic set of songs that feels more nostalgic than urgent. The sheer different between their wild, dark performance and these personal, thoughtful tracks leaves the trace of a question mark in my mind. They not only mix genres that have found their way into the Brooklyn scene recently- lo-fi, noise, industrial, experimental- but also find a lot of soul in simple rock-based hooks and the addition of an array of instruments, from synth to viola .

Vernous plays next March 3rd at 316 Seigel’s Manifesta Loft. RSVP on facebook. - Bushwick Daily


2011 - Vernous (self-released)
2011 - Rock Juvenil II - “Separate Celibate” featured
2012 - Vernous I (Rock Juvenil)
2012 - Gentle Whale Vol. II - “DTF” featured



Vernous started in 2009 as the solo project of instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Elana Belle Carroll. After spending a year writing and testing the waters with a few one-woman performances in Reykjavik and New York City, Carroll arranged the material for a live band. Now a three-piece (Carroll on guitar, keyboard and vocals, Nico Hedley on bass and guitar, Gabriel Rattiner on drum set and MIDI drum pads), Vernous continues to write music and provide stellar live performances.

Each song is a montage of drum samples, chopped and delayed vocals, synths, and guitars with ebows, slides, and good ol' pickin'. Lyrics touch on politics, sex, abandonment and the divine. Their live shows have been compared to Crystal Castles and Yacht for their aggressive and cultish appeal, though in the studio Vernous draws influences from artists such as Ladytron, Brian Eno, and The Knife.

Vernous has performed in venues ranging from DIY spaces to Wesleyan University to Brooklyn Fire Proof. Their crunchy snares, soaring vocals, distorted guitars and incessant kick drums pump out dark electroclash-pop. This infused with guitar feedback and arpeggiated synths creates a raw, fun environment.