Verona Grove

Verona Grove


Vocal/Riff driven Powerpop/Rock from the heart of the Midwest. A high energy stage show, and straight up honest lyrics. Influences from many musical backgrounds give Verona Grove their own original Rock sound.


Everyone has dreams. It’s these dreams that fuel us, that keep us moving through the daily moments of monotony and remind us that extraordinary things are possible. Verona Grove’s strikingly memorable debut album, The Story Thought Over, does more than just remind us that the fulfillment of our dreams is possible- it inspires us to achieve them.

Almost Hollywood-esque in the story of its fruition, The Story Thought Over is the result of nearly a year of songwriting, eventually streamlined and focused in August of 2006 when the trio’s label, who found and wooed them earlier that year, transplanted them from Oshkosh, WI to Los Angeles, where they set them up in an apartment and practice space to pen the record. The experience of that relocation lifted the musicians, who had never set foot in LA prior to the trip, outside of their comfort zones and, as Anders says, “opened [their] eyes to the rest of the world and what’s out there.”

“Really getting away from everything in our element in Wisconsin and getting out of the normal heavily influenced our writing on the record,” Anders says of the process. “A lot of the songs are about a dream. Everyone’s got an idea of where they want to be someday and what they want to do. For me it was happening. We got this record deal, now we were in LA and I never could have dreamed that, but here it is. I think that’s what a lot of the writing focused on.”

Five months of writings and several eye-opening experiences later Verona Grove entered the studio with Jamie Arentzen, producer and guitarist of beloved rock band American Hi-Fi, who the band says brought a whole other dimension to the record. Verona Grove spent two months in an LA studio with Arentzen, refining their already solid songs into 11 hook-driven, thoughtful pop-rock tracks that resound with the group’s signature driving, catchy choruses and Anders’ relatable lyrics. The propulsive “Goodbye Surrender” exemplifies the threesome’s talent for accessibility with jumping hooks reminiscent of The All-American Rejects while “Revolution” showcases Verona Grove’s more serious side, with dipping and soaring guitars and aching vocals. The compelling “Why Would You” boasts a dangerously infectious chorus, drawing subtle influence from bands like Jimmy Eat World and The Get-Up Kids.

The cohesive camaraderie of Verona Grove, who originally formed in 2001 in their hometown of Fond du Lac, WI and have stuck together from high school through college to today, where they stand on the brink of heavy touring and promotion, is heavily evident throughout the record. The Story Thought Over, which Anders describes as “the story in your head of what you want your dream to be,” isn’t just an album; it’s a call of motivation.

“I see people around that have so much more potential than they use,” Anders says of what he hopes listeners will take away from the disc. “I see people who are so frustrated with life, but they could get to another level if they just went out there a little bit more and tried some of the things that they want. There’s hard times and there’s easy times, but you really have to work for what you want. And if there is something you want you can make it happen.”

And that, is certainly something Verona Grove would know



Written By: Tony Anders

You say your scared,
Your scared of the fight.
Well I caught myself throwing punches in my dreams last night.
You think it's ok to hide behind the stars,run from moving cars but the ringing in my ears reminds me every night.

Tonight Your ok
You wish everybody would let you work all your pain away.
Screaming from the back of my head, these dreams will never be dead.
Holding out for Revolution.

You call it a Dream.
You call it a crush.
Your screaming in vain, but it don't help much.
You blame it on the weather,but you don't expect much of December.
You know you've heard the same excuse before.
We're not holding back anything now listen as we sing.

Tonight Your ok
You wish everybody would let you work all your pain away.
Screaming from the back of my head, these dreams will never be dead.
Holding out for Revolution.

I'm Right behind you miles away...

Tonight Your ok
You wish everybody would let you work all your pain away.
Screaming from the back of my head, these dreams will never be dead.
Holding out for Revolution.


Verona Grove: Half Tanked
Released in June 2003
Full length album available to listen, and purchase from

Verona Grove is also on "The Best of Mill Creek" Compilation CD with their song "Chances" which has earned airplay on 105.7 WAPL, and is streaming on

"From The Tablet to the Towers EP" Released in June 2005.

Full length PRC/Universal Debut "The Story Thought Over" August 21, 2007 "Revolution" and "Everything You Dreamed" getting Airplay on 107.1 KFIZ and 101.1 WIXX

"Away From Expected" EP
Released 10.20.09
Independent Release
"Las Vegas Nights" in regular Rotation on 101.1 WIXX and 107.1 KFIZ.

Set List

Original music:

Smalltown Celebrity
Everything You Dreamed
No Words to Say
I Haven't Got Much (But Im Getting Somewhere)
Broadcast the News
A Song for the New Year
Why Would You?
Goodbye Surender

Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)
Joyride ( Roxette )