Verona Riots

Verona Riots


The Riots have developed a punchy, direct IndiePopRock sound as a platform for Ciarj's velvet musings on life & the bridge from you to me & she. The music is dense and muscular. Smooth bass lines, confident drums, incisive guitar breaks & commanding vocals spark an intensely passionate live act.


Ciarj and Rob shared a womb and a room, and still talk to each other on the telephone occasionally.

Tommay was taunted and abused, before growing an awe-inspiring goatee and getting even with drumsticks.

A chance meeting and minor betrayal led to Mark dropping anchor and laying the icing down nice and thick on VERONA RIOTS

In May 2007 Verona Riots handed out copies of their 2-track demo (VR) at a Sugar Club launch party. See pics in photos section, and video on myspace.

Since then they've been busily setting up their rehearsal studio and pre-producing their debut EP, due late 2007.

See Verona Riots, Wednesday August 22nd in Eamon Doran's.

Or get a little taste of their live performance in the vids section at


With The Lights Left On

Written By: Lyrics by Ciarj

Tongues of flame are taking aim at everything i know. my throat is dry from screaming lullabys as my knees begin to go. the sounds are wrong and the moment's gone, i wipe the juices from my chin. I've drunk enough for the 2 of us, think it's time you let me in.

We could keep things going if you like, what do you say? you say "you look funny with the lights left on". a whisper in my head repeating something that sounds like "i'm alive".

For those who wait, anticipate diminishing returns. their fading eyes soon blinded by the ones who bravely burn. the words we spoke and the bones they broke can never be revised. i won't be taken for a ride again.

Shoulder Shrug (VR Demo 2007)

Written By: Lyrics by Ciarj

He looked in the mirror and didn't feel so good. cause those lines have increased once more. and those eyes were blue before. A grey one dances in the light and threatens to multiply. with menace to bleed him dry.

Let's just recap and throw this spectre on its back. we don't need fear to stay.

I'm hoping something will catch me before i fall. i'm reaching forward to pick out the longest straw. i keep on dreaming of the people who started it all. i think i'm searching for a 4-letter word to call. we'll get it right.

A mind that starts to slip away is best left alone; to rest, holiday and be on its own. And time: she pulls me down and I am not best amused. She rubs me up the wrong way I feel so used.

95CE (Home-Recorded Demo - June 2007)

Written By: Lyrics by Ciarj

I had a girl she had a heart of gold.
Oh, I had a girl, I let our love grow old.
What can it mean to live without her? Oh, what can it mean to be without her?

She had a car it was an old wreck
We took the car out for a road trip
Taking the wheel I made a sharp left
A simple mistake I'll never forget

I always thought that we had it all figured out
But we'd never save this
According to rules they laid down long ago

There was a ledge she liked to climb to
And launch herself right into the open blue
While I lay asleep in the long grass
Lying asleep in the long grass

Oh we'd never save this
They had their minds made up long ago

Call my name! Baggage claim!
Hold your head high
And tell me for the last time
That i'm gonna be waiting a long time for somebody knew to come
Deed is done
Ink has run dry
Oh tell me for the last time ...


2-track "VR" demo released May 2007.
1. With The Lights Left On
2. Shoulder Shrug

Recorded and Mixed by John Joe Daly at Redlab Studios.
Mastered by Richard Dowling at WAV Mastering.

Set List

60 minutes of original material. Song titles ..............