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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"107.7 The End-KNDD Entercom Radio"

"Rumored to Whisper Suspicions was one of my top 10 albums of 2004... I absolutley adore Verona, undoubtedly one of Seattle's best bands" - DJ W. Noname/Morning Show Host

"Some Candy Talking"

"...the most stunning show was Verona, whose singer Kyle Logghe proved himself as this city's most talented vocalist and guitarist with an astounding rendition of "Between Planets."
-Kathleen Wilson - The Stranger (Weekly Seattle Music Publication)

"The Stranger up and Coming"

(Chop Suey) One more time, and at the risk of certain redundancy, repeat after me: Verona's Kyle Logghe has a gorgeous and versatile voice capable of jumping octaves with impressive ease. Verona as a band is equally elastic, with a rangy sound that snaps from melodic passion to resounding rock. KATHLEEN WILSON - The Stranger (Weekly Seattle Music Publication)

"hearSAY: Verona"

...Their music flowed from one beautiful extreme to another; thick, layered guitars were conjoined with deep vocals, which instantaneously changed to aggressive rock guitar and borderline yelling vocals... - Three Imaginary Girls - Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press


Seaside Soon e.p. - 2001
The Quiet I'm Thinking e.p. - 2002
Rumored to Whisper Suspicions - 2004 - Lujo Records -


Feeling a bit camera shy


Verona has set themselves apart from other bands by focusing on diversity in their songwriting, tetering in a realm between todays classifications of Indie and Mainstream Alternative, but not really fitting in to either category. Verona has created a unique style of rock music that sounds like nothing else you've heard. To give you a basic idea of Verona's sound and feel, here is a list of influences of the lads: Ours, Jeff Buckley, Cursive, The Velvet Teen, At The Drive In, Chokebore, Joy Division, The Church, The Dismemberment Plan, Juno, Placebo, Nick Cave. Verona is a Rock band who spends time making sure their recordings have unique sounds and interesting parts, so the listener will be pulled in to the music to fully enjoy it. Verona's live show supports their recordings, but delivers it in a way that is unforgettably explosive and dynamic, both vocally and musically.