Veronica Garcia

Veronica Garcia

 Laredo, Texas, USA

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The Coming of Christ

Written By: Veronica Garcia

What will you do if Jesus, the Lord,
comes today for you?
You know not the hour
It could be at any time
What will He say about the life you have chosen?
Could you have done more or will He be satisfied?

Do not wait, there may not be tomorrow
It may be too late if we keep wasting time
Do not wait, it's not worth all the sorrow
Did He die in vain just to leave you behind?

Like a thief in the night
He will come and take those who served Him,
who followed His ways
even when times got tough
Will you be there among the ones He has chosen?
Or will you be one of the ones crying out, "Lord! Lord!"


When I'm with You

Written By: Veronica Garcia

As you sit there quietly
No clue as to what I see
when I look into your eyes
And you smile so tenderly
take the breath away from me
lifting me higher than the skies
All the time I knew you
I never thought
that you could ever win my heart
Never dreamed how deep I'd fall

When I'm with you
I get so weak
I lose my words, and I can't speak
The touch of your hands
caressing my face
just takes me to another place
If you only knew what I go through
it's like a dream come true
When I'm with you

Anytime, anywhere
I'll tell the world, and I don't care
if they think I'm crazy for your love
Think about you all the time
Yeah, you're always on my mind
No need for more 'cause you're enough
The search is over
You're here with me
You're everything I could ever need
And where you are is where I want to be


I Love You, My Child

Written By: Veronica Garcia

Come with me,
I want to show my love for you.
Take my hand,
and let me lead the way for you.
Don't worry if you fall,
I'll be there, I'll make you strong.
I'll pick you up
because I love you, my child

I have called
your name so many times,
but you don't let me inside.
I know your troubles,
I know your joys,
I know everything about you,
and still I love you, my child

I have always been there
from the very start.
You alone can let me in
if you open up your heart.

I offer you
all of my love if you'll accept.
and if you don't want it now,
I will not beg.
But when you are ready
to let me in your heart,
I'll welcome you with open arms because I love you, my child.

Yes, I love you, my child.
I love you, my child.

I Will Wait

Written By: Veronica Garcia

Verse 1:
Don’t you know how much I love you?
Don’t you know how much I care?
That I’d give up my life just save your soul,
All this I do for you.
Do you ever hear me whisper?
I’m always calling your name.
I shout and I shout,
and you don’t hear me out.
No, you don’t answer, but still I say

I will wait patiently
till you choose to follow me
I will never force my love.
it’s up to you, up to you.
I will let you decide
if you want to be my friend
But I will wait until that day.
I will wait until the end.

I am always beside you
Though you may not be aware.
I am there in the darkness when you are afraid.
I am the light.
Maybe when you are ready,
You will finally see
That the love that I give is so pure and so true, and so free


Te Esperare

Written By: Veronica Garcia

No sabes cuanto te quiero
No sabes cuanto te amo
Que vivo siempre buscando
Hasta encontrarte en mis brazos
Y aunque grite a los cielos
Llamando tu nombre
No me rendiré tan pronto
Vivo con la esperanza que un día regresaras

Te esperaré pacientemente
Hasta que vuelvas tú a mí
No hay condición para quererte
Todo mi amor es para ti
Te esperaré hasta que vuelvas
Y aunque tienes tu libertad
Te seguiré aquí esperando
Te esperaré hasta al final

Cuando por fin te des cuenta
Que este amor que siento
Es algo tan sincero
Y así a ti me entrego
A pesar de todo esto
No te obligo a quererme
Al final es tu decisión
Pero siempre estarás junto a mí en mi corazón



Written By: Veronica Garcia

Verse 1:
So afraid of letting You
be in control and moving me
where You say I should be.
I already had my plans, and when things didn’t go my way,
I knew it was time to change.
Now I want something new;
I want to live my life for You.

And I surrender all,
I give it all to You.
Do what you will;
my life is in your hands.
And I surrender all,
I will no longer resist
the design of your perfect plan.
I surrender all.

Verse 2:
Of the times that I have let
You lead the way for me
That’s when
I have been the most at peace.
Took me long enough to learn
that it’s only You who knows
what is best for me.
I’m ready to give in;
Please help me live again.


(Musical Interlude)