Veronica Vaingloria

Veronica Vaingloria


Vaingloria tells of self love, self loathing, sexual deprivation and depravity, sadistic and sensual at the same time. Veronica is the Vamp men and women can safely adore, with the warmth of an Earth Goddess and the chill of an Ice Queen. Complex, unique, bittersweet and addictive as DARK Chocolate.


Veronica Vaingloria plays the iconic noiresque Club Diva of the 50's and 60's, but with a modern twist. There is an element of the theatrical vaudevillean in her character. But her music varies in range according to the show, and the musicians she has around her. It carries the audience through Alternative Pop, to Alt/Country, Americana, Traditional RnB, Blues/Rock, with a Jazz orientation, and powerful sense of Torch throughout. She has been performing for some 20 years, in various styles and line-ups. Finally this show brings all the elements of Vaingloria together. With something for everyone. Influences include Nina Simone, EmmyLou Harris, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Etta James, Jose Feliciano, Bowie, Carole King, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Paul Weller, among many others.


HOLD ME. Written by Louis Tillett. Performed by Veronica Vaingloria and Louis Tillett on MYSPACE.
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Set List

Songs are typically pop length (2.5 to 3.5 mins long). Sets are 30-45 mins. Two sets possible, with some covers. Covers are classic Blues/Country/Jazz standards with a Veronica-esque treatment.