Veronika Berchtold

Veronika Berchtold

 Innsbruck, Tyrol, AUT

The music is a mix of original and cover songs, mostly Folk or Americana, but not only.


Having grown up in a concert promoting family I met musicians from all over the world at a very young age already and heard a lot of different styles of music. Over the years my interrest in songwriting grew and so I started developing my own style which always leaned towards Americana, Alt Country and Folk.



Written By: Veronika Berchtold

A blank page I geive to you
A picture for you to draw
paint what you can see
a picture of me

I paint a picture too
nothing will block my view
I paint what I can see
A picture by me

We pain our selves
No trace by no one else
nothing to block our views
you by me and me by you