Veronika Jackson

Veronika Jackson


Veronika Jackson is a rhythmic acoustic folk guitar player who sings with the flavor of blues. Offering her own soulful excellent interpretation of lyrics conveying emotions with her deep smooth voice. She Entertains through her songs and storytelling, piercing the heart with emotions


Veronika Jackson is originally from St. Petersburg Florida. The youngest of seven children..

She has been building her career for many years and now it is reaping the benefits. Touching lives through her music in a positive way, whether she sings a blues, folk traditional , or an old gospel.

Veronika performs from the depth of her inner core. When your eyes are upon her, she captivates you with her presence and her strong, smooth vocals.

She is humble, as she starts her performance. With her clean piedmont style guitar picking she is peaceful, yet delivers a powerful, soulful and honest performance.

As an acoustic folk musician with the flavor of blues, Veronika is a phenomenal entertainer. This soul stirring vocalist is much to be admired. As a solo artist she truly holds the attention of the audience through her musical talent, her stage presence and the total eclectic sound she has in her performances.

Veronika's purpose is to is to keep African American Folk Music Alive.

Performing her original compositions, she knows the importance of such greats like Elizabeth Cotton, Odetta and Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Mahalia Jackson. Just a few of the women in the folk arena that has made a mark in music history. She is keeping their music alive by performing a few of their compositions in her engagements..

She has performed in the southeast region of the country for many years. Community library concerts is important to her, for many people in her community and other neighboring areas do not get the opportunity to experience her style of music.

Veronika has more than twenty years of experience as an acoustic folk blues artist, opening concerts for various community radio stations, constantly performing her one woman shows in the US and performing for special benefits and festivals.

She is truly one of America's finest folk musicians who has much to say through her music.


You Exhibited a comfortable, yet confident stage presence and performed effortlessly. Your music artistry was apparent. You played the guitar beautifully and your voice trancended all the usual comparisons to folk-blues greats like Tracy Chapman and Joan Armatrading. Your personal rendition of "House of Rising Sun" was an unexpected delight.
~Derek Patterson, Former, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta, Georgia~

Veronika Jackson never fails to delight our audiences. Her style draws on blues and traditional folk, but add to that her own experiences and social commentary, she is a rare among local contemporary folk musicians. The fact that she is black adds depth to her style and makes her one of very few "folkies" available.
~Clarence Rosa, Coordinator, Hungry Ear Coffeehouse, Atlanta, GA~

"Veronika, you command attention when you walk on stage, just being who you are, you appear both powerful and geniune. You are comfortable and that comforts me and I suspect anyone else who sees you. The way you connect with your audience is exceptional and I am left with the impression, I have heard a talented, intelligent and approachable human-being.
~Ernie Williams, Banjo Player/Vocalist~

Contact Information : Acoustic With Heart Productions / 404-414-1859

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some folk, some blues sometimes (2007)
Hat Check (2000)
Visions (1994)

Set List

Packed Bags, Women Be Wise, Hat Check, Creative Man, The Mood, Angel From Montgomery, Change, Rag Man, You Don't Know My Mind Blues, Hobo Johnny, Ain't Nobody Business What I do, Good Morning Blues, Ain't Going Back, Stealing, I've Got some Problems, A Change Gonna Come, Ballad of Harriet Tubman, St. Vincent's Church, Ada Dupree, Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down,Misery

This list also includes cover songs that was written many years ago by such greats as Bessie Smith, Gus Cannon, John Prine
This also includes Ms Jackson's own original compositions.