Veronique Chevalier

Veronique Chevalier

 West Hollywood, California, USA

In a class of her own, Veronique Chevalier is an eccentric performer known as The "Weird VAL" of Dark Cabaret, described by some as an Edith Piaf from a parallel universe. She's also a visionary & producer of daringly different compilation projects.


Not limited to her role as a lyricist and performer, Veronique is also an astute entertainment entrepreneur, who envisions & serves as executive producer of startlingly original and seemingly improbable collaborative projects. (Think of her as the Terry Gilliam of music).

Her latest foray in this capacity resulted in "Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation" , which was an Official Selection on the 51st Annual Grammy Ballot.

Consisting of 13 tracks, plus one bonus, the songs are based on authentic supernatural folklore from around the world, featuring an astonishing array of accomplished guest performers:

* 2007 Grammy Nominee, Composer and Accordionist- Alex Meixner
* State of Maryland Governor's Citation Winner, Composer & Accordionist- Mike Surratt
* Master Yodeler, Disney Character Vocalist- Kerry Christensen
* Accordion Federation of North America Award winner- Gigi Rabe

And there are also numerous other participating recordings artists making a foray into the realm of polka for the first time. These include:

* Vocalist/Actress- Marion Ramsey (AKA Sgt. Laverne Hooks "Police Academy" films)
* The "Jimmy Hendrix of the Violin"- Lili Haydn
* ARIA (Australian Grammy) Nominee; Producer/Composer/Arranger/Engineer- Jann Castor
* Bassist/Warr Guitarist & member of Goth project "Collide"- Kai Kurosawa
* Standup Comedian/Voiceover Artist/Writer for Comedy Central- Gary Shapiro

And more!

About the recording:

"Polka Haunt Us - A Spook-tacular Compilation" is based on authentic folk tales from around the world, & all lyrics are written by Veronique. Less a novelty project and more an experiment in ethnomusicology, the album is reminiscent of Harry Smith's Folkways recordings for the Smithsonian Trust, or the compilation "Songs from the Neighborhood: The Music of Fred Rogers" with a Nick Cave "Murder Ballads" twist.

This family-"fiend"-ly concept album immerses the listener in a haunted laboratory of sorts, to experience the preternatural birth of a Sonic Franken-Stein, and is best savored in its entirety. (Think of it as an "Auditory GPS" guiding you on a spook-tacular grand tour of the globe!)

PHU illustrates Polka's storytelling power, and is sure to become a perennial Halloween favorite as a soundtrack for television, film or live theatre, cirque, performance art, or just sitting around the campfire.

PHU Track List:

01 The Beer Hall In Hell (Alpine Austria) (3:26)
02 Ghost Train (Canada) (4:42)
03 Castle Leap (Celtic Ireland) (3:37)
04 After Wife (Argentina) (4:13)
05 Bubbe's Dybbuk Polka (Eastern European Jewish) (3:30)
06 White Witch Of Jamaica (Caribbean) (4:05)
07 Devil's Guitar (US) (5:47)
08 Fisher Bird Girl (Norway) (6:17)
09 Blank Face Goblins (Japan) (3:49)
10 Strange Faces In The Floor (Spain) (3:32)
11 Kalkajaka Polka (Aboriginal Australia) (3:40)
12 Full Moon Face Off (Gypsy) (3:31)
13 Polka Haunt Us (Eerie Soundscape) (2:29)
14 Vampire Surprise (Transylvania) (Bonus Track) (4:04)

* FREE full stream of bonus track "Vampire Surprise" here:

* Full lyrics (and info about artists on each song) here:

* Featured full page article in Rue Morgue Magazine:

* Polka Haunt Us "Info-tainment" Promo Video:

* Reverbnation Profile:

* Veronique named Unanimous Choice for Best Independent Cabaret Artist
@ The 14th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards


3) Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation *
(Receives extra attention during Halloween season. Has received worldwide radio play).

2) Veronique's Red Velvet LIVE!
(Limited Edition recording, featuring a handmade cover, designed & created by Veronique from recycled materials.
Available only at her live performances.)

1) Cabaret4Choice *
(A self-produced concept recording with numerous guest musicians, to benefit Planned Parenthood.
FREE downloads at the website.)

Set List

PLEASE NOTE: Her compilations are distinctly separate projects from what Veronique presents as a performing artist, although she does perform some of the songs from the compilations in her own shows.