We're a young band, most akin to post-grunge and alternative rock. We work hard to produce a powerful sound that'll get people pumped and moving, we have fun, and we want an audience to get a good show, even if it means we have to play longer. Our music's something that we may proudly call our own.


Verrell is a young, yet dedicated and hard-working, rock band, birthed in Birmingham, AL. Our band cooperates well, as we have known and played with each other for years. We like to have fun at a show, but our main concern is the audience's entertainment, not our own. We do, however, present ourselves in our music, as music should be personal; with this in mind, we have always used music as a form of expression. Our influences are many and difficult to specify. We have unconsciously drawn from our much-enjoyed bands, no doubt (Tool, Seether, KoRn, Nirvana, Three Days Grace, Sevendust), but nothing has been direct or intentional. We make music that we enjoy, and that we hope the crowd will enjoy.



Written By: Casey Bennett

Quickly as a death throe
Sooner than you could know
We are at the end, though
Man, I'm moving too slow
Don't know where you've been
Here we go- it's on- begin
Tension stretching too thin
Breaking down again

What are you going to do
When it goes away?
Run like a coward
Or join the fray?
Here in this world where
The strongest survive
You've got to fight for your life
Or you die

Some say that peace will reign
They don't see the bodies slain
This is how the end's played
Give the piper his pay
Rise and take your sword
For the goal we're moving towards
Breathe the burning in more
Finishing the war

[Chorus - Same]

fight or you-
Fight or you-
Fight or you-
Fight or you-

Set List

1. Intro
2. You Don't Know
4. Give In
5. Callous
6. Fight
7. Opium Dream
10. Outro