VERSA is a beautifully deafening blast of soulfully honest, crush your skull rock n roll that grabs a hold and...never...lets...go...


After a non-producing effort spent writing and playing in other bands singer/guitarist Barry Johnston decided to focus his attention
elsewhere. With a passion for both playing and producing, Barry ventured into the world of Front of House engineering for such bands as
22 Jacks, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio and Cold.
Then, after relocating to Milwaukee, WI in the fall of 2001, Barry started a collaboration with guitarist Eric Wilke and Scott Schoenbeck (Dashboard Confessional). Things just "clicked"and they knew they had to take this music to every and any person, place or venue that would have them. After playing with various people for a number of months the talents of Justin Klug (bass) and Chad Clausen (drums) proved to be the valuable missing pieces to the VERSA puzzle. Together this group of seasoned and road savvy musicians began to create a blend of music that both captivates with it's melody and quickens the pulse with it's heavy hitting power and intense lyrics.


VERSA has consistent airplay on Milwaukee's ROCK 102.1 FM during their local hour.

Set List

An average set list consists of nine songs and lasts approximately forty minutes. The songs generally are:
Star Gazer
Issues of A Town
Makeup Breakup
Burn Your Memory
Goodnight is a Drag
So Long
Turn It Around