Hollywood, California, USA

Versailles is a Darkwave, Darkpop band with the voice and piano playing of Tori Amos mixed with a post punk feeling of The Cure.


A emotional rollercoaster of piano keys, and a devious childlike outlook, Versailles little girls all mold together to form one unique artist.

The pain and torment of a sad child come at you with each delicate racing note. Versailles blends the vocals and playing of Tori Amos with an 80’s post punk feel. Forming a rich catacomb of deep running emotions and a fun get up and dance feeling.

In 2009 Versailles did a small tour of the South and Southwest following the release of Broken Dolls. A full United States tour followed shortly after with Metropolis artists Ego Likeness and Bella Morte. Following the release of her first EP “Believe” in 2005 she has had 3 songs released on Cleopatra Records in 2005,2006 and 2007. Versailles is on “A Gothic Acoustic Tribute To NIN”, “A Tribute to She Wants Revenge” , “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before (Tribute to The Smiths)”, and “Gothic Divas”. Two of these songs were produced by Gregory Butler who has also produced “Switchblade Symphony”.

Versailles release in 2010 is the EP/ Single for Wendy's Razorblades off of the Broken Dolls CD. 2011 brings the new EP Game still in production. This album is a collection of 80's darkwave dance music! :)


Run Away

Written By: Dianna St.Hilaire

And you’re always out all night
I never know just what to say to you anymore
I want to pretend that it’s not the end
Even though this needle’s in my heart
It’s making me, It’s making me fall apart

I know that not all dreams come true
But I’d hoped I’d found all I wanted in you
Is the future really in my hands as you run away run away?
I’m not gonna beg you to stay

I know I’ll never be the one I thought I could be for you
And everyday I’m walking on broken glass
I never know if you’ll be warm or cold
You just keep pounding at my door
Until I’m so sad I can’t, I can’t I can’t feel anymore

I know that not all dreams come true
But I’d hoped I’d found all I wanted in you
Is the future really in my hands as you run away, you run away?
I’m not gonna beg you to stay

And you knew I’d always be there


Versailles-Live Your Life Evileye Records 2003
Versailles- Kiss (single) Evileye Records 2003
Versailles- Believe (EP) Evileye Records 2005
Versailles-Broken Dolls Evileye Records 2008
Versailles- Wendy's Razorblades (EP) Evileye Records 2010
A Gothic Acoustic Tribute to NIN- Cleopatra Records-2005
A Tribute to She Wants Revenge- Cleopatra Records-
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before (Tribute To The Smiths)- Cleopatra Records 2007

Versailles music can be heard on Indie 103.1 and on various indie internet stations.

Set List

My typical set list is
One With Me
Run Away
Take My Life
I Can't Remember

Most sets are 40 minutes long. We do not do covers.