Mellow indie rock from france, sung in french.


Versari is a three piece band lead by Jean-charles Versari (ex-singer of Hurleurs, famous in France between 1997 and 2003, as they have played hundreds of gigs, and opened for people such as Beth Gibbons, Tindersticks…).
Versari’s music is an unusual blend of french songwriting with a strong reference to the english-sung musical culture. The general tone is somehow melancholic, but in a bright way.
“Jour après jour” is their first album and has been produced, recorded and mixed by Ian Caple (Tindersticks, Tricky, Stina Nordenstam...)


"Time to lose" - Tuxedomoon cover on the "Next to nothing" tribute
"Jour après jour" - album - T-Rec 2007