Stamford, Connecticut, USA
BandHip HopPop

my music is very stile varied from rapping ,singing.i can make the most hardcore hip hop , and the very softest love song.i m just a natural when it comes to music.....i get those sounds and melodies inside my head and i let the words comes as they music is versatile.


versatile.....the names speaks for itself influences are all kinds of musics......


one take

Written By: clerde pierre

got a chick name deborah and she loves my co..k i be stickin her hard but she likes it better in her mouth peanut butter parmesan and alfredo sauce with buffalo wings when im ballin i don't just be dribblin i be travelin check my gourmet special,im like a noble layin in a chateaux sippin on somethin that cost thoursand dollas a bottle catch me with a sophisticated model,i call her my intellectual hoe she gave me top without going down bottom spaghetti and meatballs garlic and jalapeno peppers mackerel in vegetable oil bitches call me gargoyle when they see my toy yo i perform miracle unbelievable whether home or the studio i got one,two,three,four,hoes lickin my toes is it the dough and the apparel,i don't know but i know they love my collasal they yellin verse you adorable macaroni and cheese spanish rice and beans turkey and gravy got me lookin skinny with a big belly its all good baby you don't have to be nasty to be my lady thats a fuckin lie baby its crazy when you swallow my energy im a pimp like gigolo thats why they pay me trust me honey don't believe the phonies they don't want you they just wanna taste your cootchie baby im livin for the week-end can you please keep your kitty clean for me alcoholic liquid toxix beverages intoxicated my mind supersonic my trees beef and broccoli buffy the body ain't got nothin on my girls asses they lookin brolic, sex so ill call it satanic,my chronic hypnotic make you panic man calm down you know they can't fuck with you you spit toxins fluid your flow is liquid nitrogen my chick got your fat girl lookin anorexic i got a snow white and a rose red hold up man you killin em man im not killin em im not murderin em im xterminatin m crooked wild juvenile since i was a child got so many styles thats why they call me versatile amber alert rappers runnin scarded everytime im around cause im just happen to rhyme sick like a pedophile yeah your boy he was nice till i eat him like cannibal lecter im the new jeru da damaja nigga im never crossin over cause i know betta tight like a sweater when it comes to cheddar no matter the wheater i got my gun im ready for whatever man im so fucked-up, i thought of murder my mother and father for that paper brother don't care if she's your sister i'll fuck her