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In today's world, rock stars are created through reality TV and record deals are made over myspace. Bands must find exposure unconventionally.
Versatile, a Los Angeles-based pop-rock band did just that.

Versatile's lead guitarist and vocalist, Eduardo Reynoso Jr., is a bilingual native of East Los Angeles.
While his band performs mainly in English, he explains, "We listen to Super Estrella [Los Angeles #1 Spanish music station] everyday.
We love the morning show."

Listening to this particular radio program paid off.
Super Estrella's morning DJs announced a contest in which local bands play on the air for a shot to perform live on Univision, a leading International Spanish TV station.
Super Estrella's listeners phoned in, and Versatile won the level of exposure some bands can only dream of.

Reynoso explains the irony, "We have most of our songs in English and only some in Spanish."

With exposure on the Spanish media Versatile's rhythm guitarist and vocalist, George Barrera, adds "we are also experimenting to see if it's a good idea to join the two, since most people we know speak both languages."

Versatile is currently in the production stage of their first English language album. Fate may bring a shift in focus to Spanish music.

"Right now we are trying to focus more on English music, but it all depends on the people, and whoever would be interested in us," says Reynoso.
"English or Spanish."

to sample Versatile's alluring blend of Spanish and English pop-rock. All three band members provide the vocals in both languages, allowing for much stylistic diversity in the track list. - Matt Steffen


Still working on that hot first release.



Versatile is a band that started years ago.....two idiots just started tweaking .....and soon became all started with Eddie and George two guys from the heart of "East Los Angeles" they started out messing around with recordings about 10yrs ago, recording songs from a 2 tape deck stereo recorder then on to a 4 track...on to a 8 track....etc..etc...little by little they started gaining more experience and decided to write their own material and decided to make a band (never never is very special to Eddie and George, cause it's the first official song written for the group and first song written together) For yrs they tried to get the right people in and finally the last two came into the picture---