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The best kept secret in music


"Washington Post"

At - VERSE has a song, Ghetto Child, that is Editor's pick of the week. - Sonny Snaps


"The Legendary" LP - Released September 5th, 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since his childhood growing up in Oxon Hill, Maryland and Washington, D.C., Verse has understood the immense power of words. Learning very quickly of the vicious reality that exists in the streets of the nation’s capitol, Verse’s artistry reflects his rugged background. However, rather than use his hard times as an excuse for failure, Verse found in them the strength and determination to overcome every obstacle thrown his way.

Not willing to fall victim to the ills of the system that trapped so many of his peers, Verse found his calling in hip-hop. “I wanted to start rapping because I didn’t have many other choices. I didn’t want to hustle, even though I could. I wanted to do something positive… and I have the talent,” he states. Through his lyrics, Verse intends to inspire others to strive for the best and to give hope to those who have lost it. Drawing from his own experiences as the source of his visionary lyrics, Verse delivers powerful messages in a way that all will find easy to relate to.

After attending school in Jackson, Mississippi and then residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Verse came to understand that the conditions and challenges he had faced were not isolated to his hometown. Drawing inspiration from Langston Hughes, a world-renowned poet of the Harlem Renaissance, Verse began to use his music to express the pain of Black America. On his inspirational hit song, “Ghetto Child,” Verse pronounces, “Its crazy how conditions splitting us up/ Pimping came from slavery baby, the system’s corrupt/ But, I have a vision for a better tomorrow/ That’s why I feel the pain, addressing the sorrow/ Cuz I’m living on borrowed time/ Some people want me in the chalk line/ Cuz I’m just a black prince with the balls to speak his mind.”

In the summer of 2004, Verse linked up with Heavy Syndication, an upstart hip-hop label based in Washington, D.C.. The two were a perfect match for one another and over the course of the next year, Verse recorded “The Legendary.” “As soon as I heard him spit, I knew he was the truth,” stated Roger Brown, Vice President of Heavy Syndication. “After getting to know him a little better, I felt it was only right that we come together with Verse and make this album happen.” Although the going wasn’t always smooth, “The Legendary” has finally arrived. Verse is looking to have a big impact through numerous performances and in-person appearances at events in and around the Washington, D.C. area.

The diverse and intriguing nature of Verse’s content is only heightened by his impressive vocabulary and versatile rhyme patterns. By combining deep spirituality with his knowledge of the world around him, Verse’s potential is nearly limitless. Verse is also a saxophonist with 12 years of professional experience under the tutelage of Antonio Parker and Bobby Monk, nephew of the legendary Thelonius Monk. Having performed at Tom Joyner’s Black Family Reunion and a Washington Wizards’ halftime show, Verse is a skilled showman and can either rock an arena or captivate a small crowd at will.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Verse is the founder and CEO of Controverse Media Company (CMCO), the only Washington D.C. native artist on the Heavy Syndication roster, and described by Tommy Mattolla as “the BEST…what the game is missing!” Verse is sure to explode onto the hip-hop scene. On his single, “Rock To This,” Verse announces his arrival, “My dress code is retro/ My head holds the top flight/ My flow is perfecto/ My M.O. is rock mics/ Got power like Pepco/ Got hustle like MetLife/ The boy is going corporate with his, I do it just right/ Til everybody rocks to this s---!!!”