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Verses. Upon first listen, you will notice something that 's just flat out different with him and his style and delivery. What's the best word to describe it? Well, "intriguing" is what most commonly surfaces. But don't just take our word for it. Check him out for yourself!


Born in the once serene coastal-African country of Sierra Leone, Ibrahim D, Cole a.k.a Verses got introduced to hip hop at the mere age of six. This U.S. born art-form, which seemed taboo to his middle class family, became an escape as he wade through the temptations and enticements of the Sierra Leonean underground. The once dormant subculture was beginning to pick up major steam as the war in Sierra Leone was moving into the city. In 1997, Verses moved to North Carolina and continued writing for a number of mix tapes. With each project he continues to hone his craft, and his fan base says one of his most unique qualities is his voice. With his debut album slated for a late 2008 release, preparations are minimal, because he’s already ready to take the world by storm.


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