Verse The End

Verse The End

 Nyack, New York, USA

Bringing a new perspective to modern rock are Verse The End – an unsigned five piece from Hudson Valley, New York. With a background of pop, metal and rock, their sound is crafted to perfection, and their music a powerful cocktail of the three. –


Armed with a powerful rhythm section, dual guitars, melodic keyboards, and heartfelt vocals, Verse The End brings forth a new brand of rock that is both unique and infectious by nature. With the members backgrounds ranging from pop to rock to metal and beyond, this group utilizes what they’ve learned from their previous endeavors, and combines their collective creativity to craft a sound that is not only distinctive, but definitely all their own.

Hailing from Hudson Valley, New York, Verse The End, have been carving out their piece of the indie music scene since late 2007. Having toured up and down the East Coast for the past two years, the band has been winning over groups of fans with their fierce brand of contagious rock.

Now, with a new name to help brand their sound across the country, a new EP just recorded at NADA Studios with producer John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Armor For Sleep) and the same drive and determination that has gotten them this far, Verse The End are ready to take on the national music scene. Don’t think genres. Don’t think styles of music. This group is not what you might expect so be prepared – The dawn of a new breed of music is upon us...


What Have We Become - The sophomore EP from Verse The End

Heavy Hearts & Counterparts - The 4 track, independently released, debut EP from Verse The End.