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Cross centered, Christ filled, scripture injected, kingdom music. The songs that I write both challenge the believer to ascend vertically in their walk with Christ and encourage the nonbeliever to start a relationship that will last more than a lifetime.


Greetings and thank you for taking the time to read this EPK/bio. I don’t want to waste a bunch of time telling you about my background and performances and what not (though those do have some value), my main focus is to tell you who I am as a believer and servant in the kingdom and the kind of music that I make for the Masters glory. I will say that I grew up in righteousness under the direction of 2 loving parents who taught me about redemption, our mission, abstinence, Faith, and perseverance.
I’m 21 years old and have been working in the vineyard of the Lord for about 14 years now. As the son of a minister and a youth leader, I have always been around the body of Christ and wanted to do something related to ministry. However, being the age I was back then I didn’t know how much of an impact that I could make, and how I would make that impact once I came of age. A few years later, God reveled to me a gift in making music and sharing the Gospel to youth; and I have been going at it ever since.
As of current, I’m going to college and co-leading the schools Impact Bible study. God’s placed some great people around me that have help influence who I am today, as well as support me in my ministry. I give Christ full recognition for wherever He takes me with it, and ask to continually be broken down and that His name be lifted up.
I’ve learned a lot in the music game and I’m not scared to say that I do it for Christ only. He’s vested in me some great gifts that have enabled the ministry to reach people from all colors on the spectrum with a variety of different lifestyles. Being able to make my own beats, mastering my own tracks, supplying all the artwork, and creating and managing my own website has really helped me do the work of the Lord the instance that He inspires me to do so. I do recognize, as stressed by Dr. Crawford at the previous Impact conference, that “the task is more important that the gift.” I do not take credit for the labor of my body, rather I boast in Christ who allowed me to be of service to Him.

Now I would like to take the time to tell you specifically about the focuses that I have within the music that I make. Below are topics that I stress and make clear throughout my tracks.
1. The Great Commission
i. In our world, its evident the culture is set up to reject Christ and move further away from the fundamental values in which this country was founded on. We as humans use laws to try to get it right, but are hindered by the sinful nature. Thus, the world is corrupted with godless selfishness and lust that binds them in darkness. As a Christian, I believe its is our chief responsibility, as stated by Christ Himself in Matt. 28:19-20, to spread the gospel to those in bondage and place light in the dark places. Regardless if I’m doing music or not, I live with the passion and zeal for converting non-Christians and handing them over to God.

2. Training and encouraging the saints
a. Calling for the believers to rep Christ
i. We (believers) go to church on Sunday, bless our food before we eat it, and wear crosses around our neck as a statement of our faith. So, why does the world look like it does if we who claim we are Christians make up a large populace of our country? I believe because we have merged the previously mentioned things into the category of “ritual”. Thus, we treat things that are supposed to be Christian related, such as standing up for Jesus when mentioned in a casual conversation, as outside our comfort zone. As a result of observing this, I believe that God is calling me to strongly encourage our brethren to REP CHRIST. I want to drive home the point that if you are a Christian, than part of your job description, as Paul mentioned in Romans 1:16, is to not be ashamed and to be a witness. I have a song I’m working on entitled “The pledge”, that’s talking about if we’re gonna call ourselves Christian, lets pledge to represent daily. If we can live daily for Him, why be a believer? That’s the challenge to the listener.

b. Pushing Spiritual Growth
i. The second thing that I stress is spiritual growth. My parents first introduced me to this by tying it to a relationship with another person. They said, “If your not growing spiritually with that person, your not fulfilling God’s purpose for that relationship”. Since then, I’ve seen any relationship that I have with a female, I need to make sure that spiritual growth with that person is at the utmost priority because that’s the reason of being together, especially for what happens in the future of that relationship. As I continued to think about this concept in a relationship, I realized how vital it is on the individual level even the more. If were not fighting to grow spiritually everyday for God, then how can we expect to draw closer to Him and for Him to trust us with responsibilities of the ministry? For this reason, I encourage all Christians from new to the veterans to train as an athle


I dont really like talking about venues and all that, cause it comes out as an artist bragging about thier popularity, but I'll list a few things that the Lord's allowed me to take part in:
-Featured on NC State's Telecast "Wolf TV"
-Released "The Brick Yard Mixtape" availible for free download, primarily targeting college students on my campus and campus' world wide. (Distributed to over 550 individuals.)
-Music featured on The Impact Movement's Summer 2007 Promotional DVD
-Performed for American Cancer Society's Relay For Life
-Baptist Grove Church’s Summer Camp
-Song featured in the film "In Unity"
-Song "Fast Lane" reached #2 on Rapzilla's hip hop chart
-Wakefield Baptist Church Back to School Bash
-Campus Crusade Performances
-Jesus Week at NC State University Performer
-Rap it Up Performer in Raleigh, NC
-WAJC 90.5 FM Raido show interview and rap session
-WKNC 88.1 FM Radio show interview and rap session
-CD release party at Club Underground
-Released the CD "The Antidote" August 2006

Set List

A typical set for me is relatively simple since I dont use a live band. However, I'm liking the idea more and more of live instrumentation accompaning my performances.
Usually when I perform, I'd rather call it minister, I try and go through fast and slow tracks at intervals of twos. In between those intervals, I usually speak on the issues pretaining to the previous selection.
If you need references, I will be pleased to provide you will those.