Verse Under Current

Verse Under Current

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Heavy melodic guitars, a technically masterful rhythm section, intense live performances, and powerful lyrics combine to make Verse Under Current one of Atlanta's most unique and compelling new rock bands.


“Verse Under Current” is an Atlanta based rock band that performs original compositions and a select few cover songs. Since their formation in Atlanta, “Verse Under Current” has focused mainly on songwriting and entering the Atlanta / Athens music scene, and is currently preparing songs for live performances and recording.

The music they create can best be described as contemporary, rhythmic hard rock with melodic, sometimes funky, sometimes trippy interludes. The band wicks influence from its members’ diverse taste in music. From genres like Jazz, Swing, and Funk to R&B, Heavy Metal, Alternative, and Punk, “Verse Under Current” is always trying to incorporate something new and interesting into their music.


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Set List

One All-original, 60-minute set, with another 45 minutes worth of standby material:

1. What You Will
2. Only One
3. Maker
4. Anticon
5. Honeysuckle
6. Comeback
7. Flow
8. Story
9. Would Too
10. Mary Mourn
11. Hangman
12. Phrase