Versus The Lion!

Versus The Lion!


Our music sounds like a sandbox castle that just got news that a tidal wave was coming but instead of panicking and creating a wreck of a dam they decided to make a new playground for the children. While the creator of the world call a meeting to apologize for the inconvenience. That and Devo.


Versus the Lion!, a sometimes happy, occasionally melancholy, and always memorable fellow woke up one shinning morning, and declared, “The Gods are stiring, Twee Pop is alive once more!”
So he left his home in Minnesota, bid a fond farewell to the classrooms where he taught young children to learn, and ventured out into the lonely world of professional music. He met with a friend, and the duo quickly released their first album entitled, “Oh No You*re Dead!” and began to spread the word.
Along the way, they met many interesting people, and made many new friends. One fellow, named Owl City, who used to play with Versus the Lion! left to become the most successful independent artist around. But that was okay, because Versus the Lion! had experienced success before, and was not jealous. He had been in a rock band called Runway 36 that had received national attention in many magazines, being called “best new rock band,” and even had climbed the radio station ladder to be played around the nation. But he was sad, for he held a place for fantasy and wonder in his heart, and wished to make music like the Twee Pop Gods.
So he sought happiness in bands like The Flaming Lips, Belle and Sebastian, The Polyphonic Spree, Architecture in Helsinki, and The Boy Least Likely To. One day, the Gods reached out to him. They Boy Least Likely To held out a hand and declared, “Versus the Lion!—you are my favourite new band of the year.”
Hearing this, Versus the Lion! knew that he could reach for the stars, pluck them from the sky, and tuck them away in his pocket for a rainy day. So he applied himself, set out to release a second album, and began shopping for those special places where the music could spring forth, enveloping and entangling those who were ready for happy, upbeat, and catchy songs.


The Robot EP (2008)
Oh No You*re Dead (2009)

Family Tree and Lions on the Lawn have received some radio play.

Set List

Concrete Knees
Lions on the Lawn
(Sometimes close to me by the cure)
Family Tree
Zombie Robots