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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
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"Versus The Nothing Can West paper Playlist"

Versus The Nothing Featured in Canwest papers playlist across Canada - Canwest

"Versus The Nothing In Alternative Revolt Magazine pg 40"
- Alernative Revolt Magazine

"Canada's Own"

I didn’t want to use the phrase “Post Grunge” again in the title, but I do have to admit this band Versus the Nothing fits the definition of Post Grunge to a tee. They have the distorted guitars, the look, songs that in their words take you from “pain to joy.” To me that is the definition of Post Grunge. Its not a bad thing because a lot of great bands like Three Days Grace, Creed, Puddle of Mudd and many others I listen to fall in that category. So that little rant was to establish that for me falling into the loose category of Post Grunge is a good thing if you do it well and Versus the Nothing does it very well.

When you look of the structure of the band Ross (vocals), Ande (guitars), Chris (guitars), Jay (bass), and Jake (drums) they look typical enough. But when they start in on songs like “Bleed the Ocean” that has a very slow almost melodic opening that takes off in a fit of hard vocals and harder edged guitars you realize these guys mean business. Apparenlty major marketing execs thought the same thing because “Bleed the Ocean” was choosen for a Mazda sales campaign.

More after the warp:

Other bands I associate with Vancover or the B.C. area are Three Inches of Blood and Art of Dying. Both very different in style, but still drinking that wholesome mountain water that makes them extremely talented musicians. Well that water got passed down to Versus because as far as talented musicians and storytellers go this new discovery for myself would make an excellant addition to any Canadian Tour.

Speaking of tours the boys are going across Canada as we speak and there are some dates left:

Nov 18 – Montreal QC @ Hemisphere Gauche – w/Shoot Down Order
Nov 19 – London ON @ Norma Jeans w/ Before Teh Damned, West Memphis Suicide
Nov 20 – Cambridge ON @ 515 concert Club – w/ Bobnoxious
Nov 23 – Sudbury, ON @ The Nightclub
Nov 24 – Sudbury, ON @ The Nightclub
Nov 25 – Thunder Bay ON @ Jacks
Nov 26 – Winnipeg MB @ The Zoo – w/The Ruined, Dryrun, Broken Halo
Nov 30 – Banff AB @ Rose & Crown
Dec 1 – Banff AB @ Rose & Crown
Dec 2 – Calgary AB @ The Distillery
Dec 5 -Edmonton AB @ DV8
Dec 8 – Sylvan Lake AB @ Incline Industries
Dec 9 – Canmore AB @ Canmore Hotel
Dec 11- St Albert AB @ The Tap House
Dec 17 – Kelowna BC @ Flashbacks
Dec 18 – Vancouver BC @ Cobalt

Make sure you check them out. The band appears to be very hardworking and trying to get their music out there. So if you take a minute and listen to their songs including their hit single “Let it all Come Down” at; that will make you head out to the show closest to you.

With a new EP called “Black Gloves” coming out in 2011 and dates for all across Canada then the future looks bright for another amazing Canadian Band. Do your part fans get out and support them so “our” talented musicians don’t get swallowed up and owned by our neighbors to the south.


"Their's something about nothing"

Now that the UFC fight between mixed martial artists Georges “GSP” St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck has been decided, it’s time for Vancouver’s Versus The Nothing to deliver a knock out performance.

The band with its decidedly hard-rock edge has put on the black gloves to venture across Canada for a third consecutive tour, and stops in Armstrong Thursday for a gig at the Branding Iron Pub.

“It’s just another day on the job; can’t see ourselves doing anything else. We owe a lot to the fans that come out support VTN and keep us on the road,” said Versus the Nothing’s vocalist Ross Archibald.

The band is currently prepping for the highly anticipated 2011 release of its Black Gloves EP.

The album is a follow up to VTN’s 2008 release, Let It All Come Down, which saw an astonishing amount of commercial placements with Mazda, Tom Green’s 2009 movie Shred or Be Ridden and SEGA’s Soundtrack for Vancouver 2010: the official video game of the Olympic Winter Games, plus a handful of other spots that have followed since.

Living on the road for the past two years in a converted shuttle tour bus in promotion of Let It All Come Down, Versus The Nothing has only known the road as home and plans on continuing to do so as the band’s motto is clearly stated in its name.

Versus the Nothing takes the stage at the Branding Iron Pub (3445 Okanagan St. Armstrong) with guests Thursday
- Vernon Morning Star-

"Versus The Nothing at the Cobalt"

Back in our day, black gloves were only made for motorcycle riders and for getting away with killing Nicole Brown. Vancouver’s Versus the Nothing recently toured Canada in hopes of changing that preconception. Not only can you use black gloves to look tough while standing dick-deep in the river, but you can also create an EP—titled Black Gloves, naturally—around them as well. If you’re a fan of alternative metal, or simply hand coverage in general, catch Versus the Nothing’s welcome-back-from-touring show at the Cobalt next Saturday (December 18).

- Georgia Straight Vancouver-

"Versus the Nothing brew something at The Taphouse"

Versus the Nothing has a name that evokes a galactic battle as in The Empire Strikes Back.

According to legend, The Never Ending Story inspired the post-grunge band members in their younger days. In the movie a young boy saves the kingdom of Fantasia from a destructive force called The Nothing.

“We thought it was kind of cool — us against the world. It was like standing up against adversity,” says lead singer Ross Archibald. Rounding out the band is Ande Otte (guitar), Chris Shaw (guitar), Jason Scannell (bass) and Jacob Wyman (drums).

The Vancouver-based fivesome has been on the Black Gloves Canadian Tour, a 35-stop excursion over the past two months. They are on the last leg and will make an appearance at The Taphouse tonight. Opening for them is St. Albert’s own All Else Fails.

Although this has been called the Black Gloves Canadian Tour, the Black Gloves EP, a follow-up to their highly successful 2008 full-length album Let It All Come Down, won’t be released until January 2011. This tour is strictly to generate buzz and new fans.

Recorded at GMP Studios in Vancouver and mixed by the golden touch of Mike Fraser, a producer who has mixed albums for both AC/DC and Aerosmith, the band is hoping these new songs will take them to higher heights than Let It All Come Down.

When the previous album was released, the track Bleed the Ocean was snapped up by Mazda for an online campaign. And they were in the top five for the distinguished Vancouver CFOX 2008 Seeds contest that’s responsible for launching some big names such as Nickelback, Bif Naked, Default and Theory of a Deadman.

The Black Gloves EP has a fairly dark edge. “We’re trying to get a positive message out to kids. Our music isn’t always the brightest, but we try to find a silver lining,” says Archibald.

Killer, a song inspired after reading a great deal about Dexter, is about the death of relationships, and Excuse Me looks at facing adversity.

Invisible Asylum explores how the mind can play tricks and if people are stuck in rut, action is more positive than over-thinking.

But the one song that has special meaning for Ross is River Runs Deep, a number that grew out of his uncle’s suicide after jumping off a bridge. “It was pretty bad. I used to drive by the river every day.”

Although the fivesome speaks from the heart, their onstage show (the sixth at the The Taphouse) is tight and energetic with raging guitars and powerful vocals. “Our energy is ridiculous. It’s a night of non-stop action.”

- St Albert Gazette

"Versus The Nothing Living in the Fast Lane"

For Vancouver-based band Versus the Nothing, the road has been long and sometimes difficult, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The band is in the homestretch of a three-month tour that has taken them from the west coast to New Brunswick and back — with a stop at the Tap House in St. Albert on Saturday, Dec. 11 — and, paired with a similar tour earlier in 2010, drummer Jacob Wyman said they are itching to cross the finish line.

“The last tour went by so fast, because it was something new for all of us to go across Canada and be in so many places we’d never been before,” he said. “This time around, with the weather, it’ll be nice to get back down home. But I guarantee, as soon as we get back home, we’re going to be excited to get back out again.”

Of course, just because the band — which also includes bassist Jason Scannell, singer Ross Archibald and guitarists Chris Shaw and Ande Otte — is looking forward to some home cooking doesn’t mean there haven’t been plenty of great moments along the way. One that sticks out in Wyman’s mind is a show in Brandon, Man., that was good enough for a repeat performance.

“The kids just went nuts; they loved it. And a lot of the kids that showed up to that show, they had never seen us before. So what we did is, on the way back, we booked another show at the same place in Brandon, and all the same kids showed up, but they had all our merchandise on,” he said. “It was one of the first shows we had done where the kids were just screaming out song names, singing all the words along with us. It was a really good time, and a good feeling that we’re starting to build a solid, dedicated fanbase.”

They’ve also had some good times in St. Albert — this is their third time playing the Tap House this year alone.

“A lot of the regulars and the kids that come to the shows at the Tap House, they’re great,” Wyman said. “It’s just a really warm reception from the kids up there. There are a couple of kids in particular that just follow the Vancouver scene really closely, and anytime a band from Vancouver comes up to St. Albert, they don’t pass up the chance to come and check it out.”

Versus the Nothing is getting ready to release a new EP, Black Gloves, early in 2011, to follow up their last full-length CD, Let It All Come Down, which was released in 2008.

Wyman said that, although the band had hoped to have the EP out before hitting the road again, they’re taking their time to make sure it’s done right.

“We didn’t want to rush anything,” he said. “We wanted to take our time and make sure it was done properly, and in order for that to happen, we didn’t have enough time to get it out. … We’re chomping at the bit. We can’t wait for this music to get out to people.”

The new EP, Wyman added, shows just how much the band has evolved over the past while.

“It’s more of a positive vibe with the music coming out on this EP,” he said. “I think we’ve grown as artists, and just kind of discovering our own potential.”

But it all translates into a high-energy show that Wyman said is only enhanced by Archibald’s presence and voice on stage.

“It’s fairly loud, lots of big guitars. There’s screaming and whatnot in it, but our front man, he’s kind of our crown jewel, this guy. He’s got an amazing voice, big harmonies and melodies and whatnot,” he said. “It’s very catchy, very hook-oriented music. It’s really high-energy and a really positive vibe coming off that stage.

“You can expect some acrobatics from our singer; he’s a bit of a human monkey. He climbs all over stuff and he’s a lot of fun to watch.”

Versus the Nothing has been blessed lately, getting some good exposure by having their music included in commercials, movies and on the soundtrack to the official video game for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

“There were a couple of kids, when we played an all-ages show, that said they’d played the game, heard the song in the game and looked us up,” Wyman said. “They see the song title and the album title when it comes up in the game, and they look it up online and check out our website from there. It’s a great multimedia tool to bring people in that wouldn’t normally visit our website.”

But they’re ready to take the next step, he added, and get heard by more people in a way they’re very accustomed to — another tour.

“We’re [working on] a huge North American tour,” he said. “It’s presently being booked; the first show, I believe, is in Seattle in late February. And we’re looking at about five months through North America. … That’s going to take up most of next year, and then plans are in the works the following year for a European tour.”

- Saint City News Saint Albert-

"Vue Weekly Edmonton- Versus the Nothing"

Versus the Nothing
Sun, Dec 5
Meaghan Baxter

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What do a Tom Green movie, Mazda and SEGA all have in common? Not much, except that they've all used music by Vancouver-based rock quintet, Versus the Nothing. The group is currently blazing across Canada to promote the 2011 release of its Black Gloves EP. Give yourself a little pre-show preview and check out the video for "Let It All Come Down" on YouTube. Guarantee you the song will get stuck in your head.

- Vue Weekly Edmonton

"The Big Rock Show Interview w/ Guitarist Ande Otte of Versus The Nothing"

Check out the audio link -

"Versus the Nothing takes on Night Club"

Nov 22, 2010By: Jenny Jelen - Sudbury Northern Life Staff
Versus the Nothing is approaching the last leg of a two-and-a-half month Canadian tour, and they’re already planning their next venture which will take them across North America.

Ande Otte, the band’s guitarist and singer, said all five members of the group get “stir crazy” anytime they’re home too long.

“When you’re at home, it seems like you’re not bettering the band and working towards your dream,” he said.

Versus the Nothing will roll through Greater Sudbury Nov. 23 and 24, putting on two shows at the Coulson Night Club.

Otte said the band “prides itself” on playing hard at every show. He said their live performances are visual, intense and interactive.

Since they are on the road so often, he said they have had lots of practice developing their “stage legs.”

Shortly before the band finishes its current tour, Otte said their next single, Killer, will be released. He said the rhythmic “sing-a-long” song is always a crowd favourite at live shows.

Sometime in early 2011, Otte said Versus the Nothing will release its second album. The members of the band, who all hail from Vancouver, have been playing together for nearly a decade. Everyone contributes to the song writing process by adding in their own ideas, which keeps the group’s sound fresh, Otte said. While all five members contribute differently, they do work towards a common goal.

Otte said the entire group will be happy as long as they can keep performing.

“As long as we have food (to eat) and people at our shows, we’ll just keep going,” he said.

Versus the Nothing will perform at the Night Club at 10:30 p.m. both evenings. For more information about the group, visit

- Sudbury Lifestyle News

"Elixir Featured in No Cover Magazine"

Elixir on No Cover Music Magazine / Groupies Suck, Volume 9 Compilation CD [ January 2007 ]
No Cover Magazine – January 2007 Issue

The Surrey British Columbia based rock band Elixir is appearing (January 2007) on No Cover's Groupies Suck Volume #9 CD compilation with rock band Unwritten Law (Atlantic Records).
The CD will be bagged in every No Cover Magazine and distributed on the newsstand at all Barnes and Noble locations nationwide as well as Tower Records, Borders, FYE and many more. Over 725 locations through all the US. The CD Comp will also be sent out to TV/Film production companies in attempt to license music to TV and movies for the bands in it.
Elixir will also appear on No Cover magazine's "Band Watch" profile section so you can read and listen to their music at the same time. Elixir will appear in the same issue as Deftones, Plus 44 (Mark and Travis from Blink 182's new band), Unwritten Law, Static Lullaby, Zebrahead and many more!

More Information go to:

- No Cover Magazine

"Badass Diesels & Rocking Bands!"

Trekking from Surrey, B.C. Elixir is making their Edmonton Debut at Cowboys Saturday night. This group of young rockers has a fresh ass kicking vibe that has to be heard to fully appreciate. Drawing from many influences, Elixir's rock attitude is enough to make an old man bob his head to the giller guitar melodies and solid vocals. - North American Diesel

"Featured Artist"

Featured Artist: Versus The Nothing
Mon, Dec 22 07:18 PM
Filed in: Featured Artist

Vancouver's Versus The Nothing is one of the city's best young rock acts emerging on the local scene. The band was a Top 5 finalist on the 2008 CFOX Seeds competition (a Vancouver radio station contest showcasing local talent) and their track "Let It All Come Down" has been getting steady spins at radio ever since.

The Fox Seeds program is responsible for helping break some of the biggest bands on the rock scene such as Nickelback, Default, Theory Of A Deadman, and Art Of Dying. Being among peers like that, you need to keep your eye on these boys.

Listen to "One More Time" below and download it for free on our "Get Thorny" compilation.

- Thorny Bleeder Records

"Elixir Review"

May, 2007


Elixir are a five piece rock band from Canada with a cool alt metal vibe to them. Labels looking for a slightly more mature version of the alt/pop/punk phenomenon that is popular these days might want to take a look at Elixir (like for after Sum 41 fans reach puberty, for example).

Elixir are Ross Archibald on vocals, Jay Scannell on bass, Chris Shaw on guitar, Derek Merrell on guitar & vocals and Jake Wyman on drums & vocals.

Out of the four songs on their EPK, "Textures" is probably the most radio friendly and fits the most into the pop punk field. But the other tracks bely a more rock approach and even border on Tool territory here and there.

Elixir are a good match of songwriting, clean singing (some screaming but only in parts) and strong musicianship. Defintely one to look out for. From thier bio it seems they have done well in a few Canadian band contests and are appear ready to start branching out.

Check them out at

---by Sherrie Sigmar

- The Inside Connection

"SPM Music Review"

Friday, August 11, 2006

SPM Music Show Review for Aug 3rd...
Category: Music
"Elixir also played an out of control set as well! I think the stage was too small for these guys cause they were freakin everywhere, with a sound reminiscent of ALEXISONFIRE. They also have a new cd out too as well called "So this is life..." (you can get it through them)."
A Special Thanx to Stiff Josh from SPM Music here in Vancouver for the review :)
- Stiff Josh - SPM Music

"There's Something about Nothing"

by Christine Lyon

When Ross Archibald and Jason Scannell were in Grade 11 students at North Surrey Secondary, they did what many starry-eyed teenage boys do - they started a band.

But unlike most high school bands that disintegrate after a few months of experimenting in their parents' basements, the two North Surrey Alumni are stil on the road to fame.

Lead Singer Archibald, 24, and bassist Jason Scannell, 23, acquired the talents of drummer Jake Wyman, singer/guitarist Derek Merrell, and guitarist Chris Shaw, who also hails from Surrey.

Their alt-rock group, Versus the Nothing, is among the top five bands in the Fox Seeds Contest - an annual battle of the bands sponsored by 99.3 The Fox that gives local music talents a shot at the big time.

Verus the Nothing will vie for first place at a sold-out show Aug. 9 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

The Platinum Award winnder gets studio recording time with industry experts, possible professional representation and will open Foxfest eith The Stone Temple Pilots Aug. 30 at GM Place.

Hundreds of Vancouver and Lower Mainland bans entered this year's Seeds contest.

Versus the Nothing sailed into the 10 after Fox listeners voted for their single, Let it all Come Down.

The top 10 bands took the stage in front of judges and fans July 2-5 and half were eliminated.

As one of the top five, Let it all Come Down will be on the Vancouver Seeds 2008 CD and will also get radio play.

"I'm a little nervous because other people get to have their opinions on it, but it's a pretty awesome thing," said Archibald.

Their "heavy, melodic" sound features aggressive drum and guitar and softer vocals. The band members were influenced by favourite groups, Tool, Incubus and Rage Against the Machine.

Now, they must agian play for the discerning ears of judges, facing off against other top contestants Incura, Cold Driven, Innocent Bystander and Jordan Carrier.

"The funny thing is, every band in there is our friend too," said Archibald, expecting each group to have a decent chance of winning.

Let it all Come Down is also the name of Versus the Nothing's debut album, available through

Previously called Elixir, the band changed its name last year due to patenting.

They were inspired by the children's fantasy movie, The Neverending Story, in which an evil force called The Nothing tries to take over the mythical land of Fantasia.

"(The Nothing) is basically translated into the complete absence of creativity and hopes and dreams," explains Archibald.

The group produced one CD under the name Elixir in 2005, So This is Life.

They've entered the Fox Seeds twice, making the top 10 in 2005 and top 20 in 2006.

The annual competition jump-started the successful musical careers of such Canadian artists as Nickleback, Default and Matthew Good.

Versus the Nothing would love to make music a full-time gig, but are happy just having the opportunity to do what they love.

"It'd be just nice to keep being able to play music for as long as we can," said Archibald.

Toronto rockers Thornley will headline the Aug 9. show, 8 p.m. at the Commodore Ballroom (868 Granville St.) in Vancouver. Tickets are sold out through TicketMaster, but are still being given away on-air to Fox listeners. Attendees must be 19 and older.
- Surrey/North Delta Leader Newspaper Aug 3, 2008

"Nothing like perseverance"

August 2008

Nothing like perseverance
-ROCK MUSIC/Surrey band eyes SEEDS contest crown for a third time

Tom Zillich
Surrey Now

Friday, August 08, 2008

When they take the stage at the Commodore Ballroom this weekend, it'll be a dream come true for Surrey band Versus the Nothing.
First of all, the big concert hall with the bouncy floor on Vancouver's Granville Street is something of a musical shrine, its history filled with landmark performances by landmark bands. Secondly, Saturday's SEEDS band-contest final represents a potentially huge stepping stone for the alt-rock band.
"It's quite the tour kickoff party," says Chris Shaw, guitarist for Versus the Nothing, which is bound for some Alberta venues following its debut gig at the Commodore.
"It's pretty wicked being on stage in that place -- very exciting," adds bassist Jason Scannell.
The SEEDS contest, put on by CFOX radio station for the past 29 years, sees bands compete for recording time, promotional deal and other music-related goodies. This year's top prize includes the right to open for Stone Temple Pilots in the grunge-era band's reunion-tour concert August 30 at General Motors Place.
With SEEDS, third time could be the charm for Versus the Nothing, which placed in the contest's top 10 in 2005 and, a year later, in the top 20. At the time, the band was known as Elixir.

They dropped the name to avoid confusion with an American band also known as Elixir. "a lot of friends still call us that," laments singer Ross Archibald, who formed the band with Scannell in 2001.
In Versus the Nothing, they're joined by Shaw, fellow guitarist Derek Merrell and drummer Jake Wyman.
On its debut album Let It All Come Down, released back in April, the quintet rocks with a sound that echoes the hard-charging output of Tool, Rage Against the Machine and Incubus.
Those American bands were at their peak in the late 1990s, when Archibald and Scannell met at North Surrey Secondary. In the school's junior concert band, Archibald was the baritone-sax player and Scannell the bassist.
"We both got kicked out of that (class), for sure," relates Archibald with a laugh.
Today, the school is located not far from the rehearsal space used by Versus the Nothing.
North Surrey was also the scene for Elixir's earliest gigs at venues such as the old Stardust roller rink. They also played sets at Fleetwood and Tynehead halls.
From there, the band progressed to SEEDS-level quality, resulting in a top-10 showdown for the contest crown last month at The Bourbon bar in Vancouver. The five winning bands advanced to this Saturday's SEEDS album launch party at the Commodore. White Rock's Jordan Carrier will perform, as will the bands Incura, Innocent Bystander and Cold Driven. The night's guest headliner is (Ian) Thornley, formerly of Big Wreck, but the sold-out crowd will consist of fans of the five SEEDS bands, for the most part.
Finalist Carrier, a founding member of the band Cozy Bones in the 1990s, uncorked his solo debut album, Absence of Wonder, earlier this year. Catchy as hell, the CD reveals Carrier as a songwriter and musician who can swing easily between block-rocking beats (the Motown guitar rock of "Feel Like Dancing"), Radiohead-ish melancholy ("Jealous"), beautiful acoustic numbers (the piano-laced "Summer Breeze") and cool covers (Peter Gabriel's "Sledge Hammer," reworked as a funky, noodling guitar riff welded to a drum-machine beat). His snarling "Club People" is the song that earned Carrier enough votes to carry him to the SEEDS final.
For samples of the contest's top 20 songs, see
© Surrey Now 2008

- Surrey Now

"Vancouver - Party crashing Elixir at Kwantlen"

Thu, 2007-02-22 20:47.

When the prospect of a lunch hour show came my way, I jumped. Only a few minutes from my home office there was almost no effort involved to go see a FREE (!) show. I couldn't go wrong. I would have excused them if it was lame, but what a surprise. Elixir rocks!

I did, though, crash a party. I quickly discovered that this wasn't really an open performance. It was an effort by the Student Council at Kwantlen University College in Langley to do something fun for the students: an outdoor show by a cool band, with free pizza and pop - it's not something a student could pass up. Many did, though.

I arrived about halfway through the set. It was cold, and there were only a handful of people huddled around the soundboard keeping warm, but they were sure digging the music. We were outdoors near the end of a long, outdoor courtyard. Surrounded by brick and metal building, the sound was some of the best I had heard, even from the clubs. Crystal clear vocals, and you could hear all of the instruments instead of just a thunderous drone.

I hadn't heard much from these guys before, so every song was something new for me. They delivered powerful and solid tunes with a lot of passion. Even though there was almost no one in attendance, the band brought the attitude and the energy that makes it work. If I get the chance to see them in a club (or anywhere with a bigger audience) I will be there. As I said before - they rock!

- Stephen Abbott - Project Opus

"Vancouver 2010 The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games"




Game showcases established names and helps break local talent

LONDON (14th January 2010) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. announces the soundtrack for
Vancouver 2010™ - the Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games. Acts and tracks, provided by a mix of well-known and unsigned bands, have been chosen to reflect the adrenaline and fast-paced nature of the events featured in the game.

Out of the 21 artists featured in the soundtrack, 16 hail from Canada, the majority of them from the Vancouver area replicating the game’s commitment to conveying the spirit and feel of the Olympic Winter Games which begin in February 2010. Well-known artists appear, while bands from the U.S., U.K. and New Zealand have been picked to match the fast-paced feel of the Official Video Game.

The full list of artists appearing is: Living With Lions, TV Heart Attack, National Affair, The Dollyrots, Subb, The Fed Pennies, Elizabeth, The Envy, GoB, Dead IDentities, Versus the Nothing, Innocent Bystander, Mother Mother, Sum 41, Steriogram, The Hundreds and Thousands, The Real Deal, Marianas Trench, Scatterheart, YUCA, Attic Lights and Hedley.


"Review: Versus the Nothing - Let it all Come Down"

Review: Versus The Nothing – Let It All Come Down
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artist Name: Vesus The Nothing
Album Name: Let It All Come Down
Record Label: Independent
Genre(s): Alternative Rock
Release Date: April 19, 2008
Sounds Like: Story of the Year, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin
Favorite Track: Just Wait

“What do you get when you cross The Neverending Story with a five piece alternative rock band from a Vancouver, Canada?” One hell of a band called, “Versus The Nothing“. It is obvious why this band draws inspiration from this famous movie about an evil force called the Nothing that is hell bent on controlling everything in existence. It is in Versus Nothing’s music that takes the listener on an epic journey in the pursuit of finding stability in a world plagued with obstacles that one must overcome.

Currently without an official record label, Versus The Nothing is starting to create a name for themselves by touring in the support of their most recent album, “Let It All Come Down”. Their current single, “Let It All Come Down”, has also been getting major plays on many major Canadian radio stations. They are the winners of Vancouver’s CFOX Seeds 2008 and have been fortunate to play such events as the Whistler Telus Festival and the North American Diesel Performance 2007 and 2008 after party. VTN have also toured various cities in BC and Alberta for the past 3 years and are heading our their fourth Western Canadian Tour which started on September 18th.

VTN draw much of their inspiration and sound from bands such as Story of the Year, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin. Their current song, “Let It All Come Down”, is a haunting but dynamic song that demands the listener’s attention. The intro seems to embody an almost Incubus-like sound with the distorted tones of A Perfect Circle. Another impressive track, “Bleed the Ocean”, is one of the more catchier songs on the album. It opens with a catchy intro and with lyrics like, “Cut me open, Bleed the ocean, make me feel my emotion”, is sure to get stuck in your head and keep you awake at night. ”Mask of Pretension” is also a very energetic song that will appeal to any mosh friendly crowd. Most impressive is the song, “Just Wait”. This song truly captures the emotion and the integrity that this band encompasses. VTN seems to showcase their most complex and techincal writing abilities with odd time signatures, tempo changes, and crafty guitar work that could easily give Evans Blue a run for their money. Furthermore, Ross’s vocal abilities are what give this song it’s true character and individuality. At best, this song shows melodic singing with moments of intense, emotional rage. As a whole, this album is a pretty solid album. What makes this album unique is the band’s ability to capture the raw power of their talents and channel that energy into a well crafted songs.

Overall, this five piece alternative rock band from Vancouver is starting to make a name for themselves. In an industry with many bands competing for the prize, it is easy for a band to blend in with the rest, but Versus The Nothing truly have something to prove. Rather than focusing on image, the band concentrates on writing solid songs with high doses of energy. If you’re a fan of melodic vocals with a side of heavy screams, sing along choruses, and heavy guitars, then Versus The Nothing is a band worth checking out.




- July 2011 Release of "Black Gloves" EP

• April 2008 release of CD “Let it all Come Down”

• April 2005 Release of CD “So this is Life” under Elixir

Notable Accomplishments:
Video Games:
• Jan 2010 “Let It All Come Down” featured on SEGA® Europe Ltd. ‘ sound track for Vancouver 2010™ - the Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games.

• June 2008 “Bleed the Ocean” selected for Mazda’s new online video game at Mazda’s micro site

Extreme Videos:
• Aug 2009 Big Sky X-treme Snowmobiling Productions Helena Montana Thunderstruck 8 DVD tracks from “Let it all Come Down” included on the “Thunderstruck 8 DVD“:
- “Bleed the Ocean”
- “Cause I Wished”
- “Let me it all Come Down”
- “One More Time”
- “Quiet But Effective”
- “We Won’t Go”
- “When the Day Comes”

• July 2008 North American Diesel Performance 2nd DVD Edmonton, Alberta, Track from “Let it all Come Down” included on the “Got Smoke 2” DVD:
- “Glory”
- “We Won’t Go”
- “Cause I Wished”
- “Burning Out”
- “Gone”

Also chosen to perform live t the Edmonton Event Centre for the NADP after party

• 2007 North American Diesel Performance’s 1st DVD Edmonton Alberta. Tracks from “So this is Life” included on the “Got Smoke” DVD:
- “Textures”
- “Untitled (Acoustic)”
- “Belong”
- “Stolen”
- “Gone”
Also chosen to perform live at Cowboys in Edmonton for the NADP after party

• Derder Paintball Production San Diego California. Tracks from “So this is Life” included on DVD’s:
- “Switcher” – SC Village 2006 XPLS event
- “World Obsession” – Vendetta 2006
- “I Suppose” – Sticks and Stones 2007

Show Case Events:
• Sept 25, 2010 - "2010 Youthfest", City of Surrey, BC
• Aug 14, 2010 - "Battle Groundz BMX Festival, Edmonton, AB
• Showcase show at the Vancouver Island Music Festival June 26, 2010
• Two Showcase shows at the Western Canadian Music Awards Festival in Brandon Manitoba on Sept 18th and 19th 2009

• April 2009 & 2008 Whistler Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival – Pontiac Stage

• Sept 2008 – Cram Jam Festival in Surrey BC – with Sloan, Daniel Wesley

• “Into You” chosen to be featured on “Undiscovered Indie Music” – “Undiscovered” allows artists in Rock and Alternative genres the opportunity to have their music broadcasted on the four following stations: KERX 95.3FM, in Ft Smith, Ar; WAMX, 106.3 FM, in Huntington, WV; WEGW, 107.5 FM, in Wheeling, WV; and WHBR, 103.1 FM, in Parkersburg, WV

• July 2009 “Into You” featured on Tom Green’s movie Shred – Ride or be Ridden, a major motion picture starring Tom Green. The movie is filmed at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna British Columbia. Movie was produced by Peace Arch Entertainment

T.V. Showcases:
• June 14, 2010 to be Aired on Joy TV Channell 10 – Showcase of local talent & interview
• April 2007 Aired on Shaw Cable (Vancouver) – Friday Night Revolution taping of “6ix’s Benefit Concert”

Internet & Radio:
• Canadian Airplay: CFOX 99.3fm Vancouver BC
Mountain FM – Whistler BC
97.5 The River & 98.3 CIFM – Kamloops BC
99.9 The Sun FM & Power 104 FM – Kelowna BC
97.1 The Sun– Penticton BC
102.9 FM The Drive - Cranbrook BC
106.1 FM The Goat – Lloydminster BC
CJKR 97.5 FM Power 97 – Winnipeg MB
CJAY 92 FM & X92.9 FM - Calgary AB
100.3 FM The Bear - Edmonton AB
Rock 106 – Lethbridge AB
Tea Radio
F’NA Radio

• US Airplay: WLIX 104.5fm in NY
Indie 104 - Independent Internet Radio Station Los Angeles, CA
KERX 95.3fm in Ft. Smith
WAMX 106.3fm Huntington WV
WEGW 107.5fm Wheeling WV
WHBR 103.1fm Parkersburg WV Acworth GA
102.1 ExperimentFM Ames IA
KRVM 91.9FM Eugene OR
WRFM 90.1 Wadesville IN

• UK Airplay: Last FM
SRD Rock Radio Lleics UK


• July 2008 CFOX 99.3FM Vancouver Seeds Top 5 winners – played August 2008 at the Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC over 2,500 people in attendance. All Seeds winners performed with the band - Thornley

• March 2008 Mazda Musik Tour Competition – Came in one of the top “12” bands in Canada and 1st in our Region.

Magazine Features:

• February 2007 Aired by Inside Connection Music Magazine radio show, “The Indie Connection” on WLIX 104.5 fm in New York Aired on the #1 Independent Internet Radio Station, Indie 104 in Los Angeles California.

• January 2007 - Featured in “No Cover” Magazine and “Groupies Suck” Compilation CD (Into You), issue with +44. Distributed to all Barnes and Nobles Stores across the United States

• August 2010:

BC: Vancouver, Cranbrook
Alberta: St. Albert, Red Deer, Edmonton

• Feb 2010/Ju



VERSUS THE NOTHING, a hard rock band from Vancouver BC features heavy guitars, powerful melodic vocals, and an infamous energetic live show. The group is carving out a name for themselves through extensive touring, and have built a loyal and growing fan base across Canada and the United States with their blend of post-punk infused grunge rock.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Fear is something that stops you from achieving or pushing forward against the odds. VERSUS THE NOTHING stands for fighting adversity, doing what you love and overcoming what seems impossible”.

VERSUS THE NOTHING released their debut album “Let It All Come Down” which hit the airwaves in Canada and the US as winners in 2008 Fox Seeds radio contest. In addition to song placement with Mazda, a Tom Green featured film and the Official 2010 Olympic video game for X-box and PS3 the album received praise from critics and fans alike.

After logging over 150,000 Km’s of touring experience playing some of the most legendary venues including Whiskey a Go-Go and The Commodore Ballroom, with some of the biggest names in rock amongst them Hinder and the Art of Dying. Continuously grinding through the elements of the cold Canadian winters and sweltering hot American summers living & breathing their music. VERSUS THE NOTHING released their much anticipated Black Gloves EP on July 19, 2011 which saw them working with industry heavy weight Mike Fraser, known for his work with AC/DC and Metallica.

“We wanted to release The Black Gloves EP as a tease to our upcoming sophomore album. We have been living the ups and downs of being a touring rock n roll band. We eat, drink and almost die doing what we love. Our upcoming release is laced with those life experiences on the road”.

Non-stop touring and a tireless work ethic have transformed Vancouver’s VERSUS THE NOTHING into one of the new rock acts to emerge out of Canada. Their goal is a modest one, one that reflects the true essence and sincerity of their music; to get on the road, tour non-stop, and be heard by as many people as possible.