Vertical Axis
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Vertical Axis

Middleburg, Florida, United States

Middleburg, Florida, United States
Band Hip Hop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"V-Axis Review"

7 years of being in the Jacksonville, FL music industry, I've seen it at it's best and watched it gradually fall to the point where we are today. This weekend, I saw a band at Murray Hill Theatre, a local Christan Rock Venue. I'm not kidding when I say, my jaw dropped when these guys hit the stage. I've never seen a band take two completely opposite genres of music, and fuse them together into one absolutely incredible live show. Not only were these four guys tight with each other, their music was something I've never heard and never even thought would have been a good idea, until now of course. Vertical Axis is a must see act. Hopefully, the newest thing to save the Jacksonville music scene.
-Larry Briscoe
JAXBands Corp. President - Larry Briscoe, JAXBands President/Founder.


"Solutions" - 2008

Newest Single "The Reason" was released in February of 2010.



Vertical Axis; A band, an inspiration, an outlet. After starting in the Caribbean Islands, Vertical Axis relocated themselves to Jacksonville, FL in 2004. Quickly, they started being recognized for their creative/fun live show. Audiences all over North Florida were introduced to a new array of live music. Combining sets of Hip-Hop into sets of Rock, Vertical Axis continuously awe crowds by putting a different spin on things. Vertical Axis is quickly becoming one of Florida's highest "stand out" acts.